8 Interesting Facts About People Born in August That Makes Them Unique

8 Interesting Facts About People Born in August That Makes Them Unique

August-borns are free-spirited people. Having them around will never be boring. Here are some traits that contribute to their awesome personalities.

Those born in the month of August are ruled by the Sun and the Moon and therefore are interesting and different. Their unique traits set them aside from the lot. The intelligence, magnetic character and stunning personality of August-born Leos and Virgos never fail to catch the attention of others. Here are a few characteristics that are very distinct to people born in the month of August. 

1. You are always right 

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People born in the month of August do not enjoy arguing. However, they like to prove people wrong especially those who lie to them or make stories about them. They will always make sure that they have their facts right and will make sure they convey it to you. So if you are in a relationship with an August-born, it is safe to refrain from lying. Their stubborn and adamant character will not let you slip away without proving you are wrong.

2. You hesitate to share your feelings in person 

Having a face-to-face conversation is often difficult for August borns. They would write down their emotions on a piece of paper than talk it out to someone. Therefore, they can be good writers who can fluently translate their feelings into words. If they want to let you know what they feel, they would prefer sending you a heartfelt letter than meeting you in person.

3. You are self-motivated 

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August borns do not need an external push because they themselves are a great force. They motivate themselves to shoot through life, to achieve the impossible and overcome every hurdle in front of them. Their strong personalities are never bothered by failures and are willing to try again and again. They live to achieve their goals and make great leaders. However, they can sometimes display destructive bursts of emotions and pride. 

4. You are stubborn 

They have a ton of emotions but they choose to keep it to themselves. Opening up or sharing their feeling is very difficult for those born in August. One main reason for this is their pride and immense ego. These two characteristics do not allow them to display their sensitive side to people around them. They are extremely happy when people give in to their demands than question them. 

5. You are tolerant until you're pushed to the edge 

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It takes a lot to make an august born angry. They are very patient in relationships and can put up with a lot until they are pushed to the edge. Once they lose their cool, it might seem impossible to bring them back. Their rage is red hot and intense shouting gives them great relief. When they are angry, they forget about the other person and their outbursts may offend their dear ones. 

6. You are not easily impressed 

August borns value themselves and have high standards when it comes to love and relationships. As people who give importance to people in their life, they carefully select the people with whom they want to share their love and affection. They look for genuine people and expect them to make sincere attempts to know them better. August borns are highly appreciative of such people and find them very special.

7. You do not express your pain

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Even when they are in excruciating pain, they would still have a smile on. August borns are not comfortable sharing about their struggles and tragedies. They feel it is better to keep it to themselves. They might be seen crying about a small thing but when it is something serious, they bury their emotional and mental pain within. 

8. It's a struggle to keep you interested

August borns have very short attention spans and so keeping them in a relationship needs a lot of effort. They are wanderers who have a free-spirited attitude towards life. This attitude makes it easier for them to move in and out of relationships. If you manage to keep them committed in a relationship, they will never bore you. They will ignite the spark and fire up the relationship with their passion and enthusiasm.




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