14 Unseen Photos from Princess Diana’s Childhood and Other Rare Moments That Prove She Was Born to Lead

14 Unseen Photos from Princess Diana’s Childhood and Other Rare Moments That Prove She Was Born to Lead

She was a rebel with an indomitable spirit. She thought with her heart and believed in living a full and free life.

Source: Getty Images | Photos by (L) John Minihan / Stringer, (R) Express / Stringer

Before she became Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales she was first Lady Diana Frances Spencer or Lady Di. As ladylike as she was, she never stopped the "unlady-like" bits from showing. Caring, playful, and naughty should have been her middle names. Princess Diana was born with an indomitable spirit right from the start.

She did not let her parents' disappointment that she was not a boy and heir to the royal family she was born into affect her. She was aware they wanted a boy.


She had said, "I couldn’t understand why I was perhaps a nuisance to have around." She then added that there was a son, John, who was born before her and had died in 10 hours of being born in 1960. “It was a son - John, who died within 10 hours of his birth in 1960 - and both my parents were crazy to have a son and heir. ‘What a bore, we’re going to have to try again'," she said, according to Express UK. “I’ve recognised that now and that’s fine. I accept it.”


However, she went on to become one of the most famous women in the world, who is loved even posthumously. She put her royal family in line for the throne directly and her son Prince William is second in line today to be king.

Regardless of her royal connection, she used her position of power to do good for hundreds and thousands of people. Her philanthropic work has touched the lives of millions of people.


Here's a look at her childhood and other moments that made her who she was:

1. Baby Diana with sisters Sarah and Jane


2. A photo from her childhood with her quintessential smile



3. Lady Di loved sports growing up


4. Diana, around five years old, posing in front of the pool at Park House in Sandringham (1966)



5. Princess Diana with brother Earl Charles Spencer, with whom she was close (1967)


6. Lady Di loved swimming at the family's first family home at Park House



7. She always knew how to strike a pose


8. The beautiful young lady she grew up to be. Itchenor, West Sussex (1970)



9. She cherished her bond with her sisters


10. There was no sport she did not try


11. The poised young lady Diana


12. She was also an accomplished ballet dancer


13. The photo that brought her into the public eye. Lady Di working at Pimlico Nursery, London


14. Lady Diana Spencer, engaged, opens exhibition at Broadlands, home of Lord Mountbatten in May 1981