Joe Biden Wins the Elections to Become the 46th President of the US | Kamala Harris Will Serve as Vice President

Joe Biden Wins the Elections to Become the 46th President of the US | Kamala Harris Will Serve as Vice President

After a close race, Joe Biden emerges the winner.

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Joe Biden wins the US presidential election of 2020. He is going to be the 46th US President, and his running mate Kamala Harris will become the Vice President. 

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The Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and that of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, were neck-to-neck in multiple states. With no winner announced until early November 7, President Trump appeared at the White House after 2 am on November 4 to claim that he has won the election. He even insisted that the remaining votes shouldn't be counted anymore even though many ballots were yet to be tallied, according to the New York Times.




"Frankly, we did win this election," he said. Meanwhile, Biden still seemed hopeful about becoming the 46th US President at the age of 77. He started his election day by visiting the grave of his son, Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015. The cemetery in Delaware also has the graves of his first wife, Neilia, and daughter Naomi. Both of them died in a car crash in 1972 when Naomi was only 1-year-old, as per Today.


It was a close competition as votes in closely contested states were still being counted, and millions of mail-in ballots were yet to be taken into consideration as the state and local Republican officials did not want them to be counted until the election day. Kamala Harris, the first Black and Indian American woman to represent California in the United States Senate, will be the Vice President of the United States.


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The winning candidate needed 270 electoral votes. There was a record-breaking turnout with many celebs urging people to cast their votes to decide the fate of the country. By the morning of November 4, Biden seemed to have had a better chance with a narrow lead in many states. He was closer to the 270 mark, but he kept his cool and said that people need to wait until every last ballot was counted, according to the New York Times. Meanwhile, Trump's path to victory seemed to be less certain with the critical states hanging midway, including the Great Lakes states. While Trump won them in 2016, this time, Biden showed more strength there. 


Vice President Mike Pence speaks as U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump watch | Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla


Biden had narrow leads in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin, but his campaign was prepared to win. "We feel good about where we are," Biden told supporters on the morning of November 4. "I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election. I’m optimistic about this outcome," he said. On Friday, he won 283 electoral votes that won him the presidency.


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks at a drive-in election night event as Dr. Jill Biden looks on | Source: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee


Just like Trump, he believed to win the election but hadn't declared himself the winner unceremoniously. Biden was more optimistic about winning as the ballots that were yet to be counted were mail-in ones, and the Democratic Party spent months asking supporters to vote in advance. Meanwhile, Trump requested his voters to show up on the day of the election. This could be why Trump didn't see the results working in favor of his opponent as the majority of the uncounted votes until the morning of November 5 were from populous urban and suburban areas that tend to vote heavily for Democrats.




Meanwhile, the Senate elections in 2020 showed that the Democrats were trailing. They needed six more seats to gain control of the governmental body. However, Republicans were trailing in the House elections. They need 33 more seats to regain control there. Joe Biden, who served as the Vice President under the 44th President Barack Obama, had his mate rooting for him at every step.


12 hours before the results, Biden called for unity at the time of a global health crisis."The purpose of our politics isn't to wage total and unrelenting war. It's to solve problems," Biden said, according to CBS.



Here's to a new era in American politics.