Use This Time to Find Your Go-to Look | 8 Easy Hairstyles to Try at Home That You Can Create in Minutes

Use This Time to Find Your Go-to Look | 8 Easy Hairstyles to Try at Home That You Can Create in Minutes

Our hair makes a statement about who we are: bold, confident, feminine, comfortable, or soft and elegant.

Thanks to the stay-at-home orders across multiple states, most folks are, well, stuck at home. While for some, this may be easy, others might find it difficult. If you find yourself home right now and have some time on your hands, you can use it to find that one look that brings out your best features.  After women cross a certain age, there is more freedom to shun the trends and opt for styles that are more classic. Style isn't about following trends; it's about finding what makes you look and feel good.

As with clothes, if you figured out some basic styles that work for you, you will be able to find some go-to hairstyles that you can pick to look and feel great. It could be some hairstyle from the 50s with a modern twist or something more recent, like a pixie cut styled in waves. Whatever hairstyle you pick should suit your face and also be easily-doable., so most women don't have hours on end to do an elaborate updo.

It also matters if you like to keep your hair up or flowing. There are many options available for both that can be tried with a few simple bobby pins and straightener. 

Here are some options for those who like to keep their hair tied up: 

1. Elegant updo


2. Chignon


3. Low bun


4. French twist


If you don't like to tie your hair up and prefer that it's free-flowing, there are many haircuts to try. You could get layers, bangs, a pixie, or a bob and even a reverse bob. The way you comb your hair can also accentuate your best features. For instance, you could backcomb it and apply some product that keeps it that way. It shows your entire face, jaws, forehead, et all, and portrays you as a confident person. It could also be that you part your hair a certain way. Or maybe a simple braid on one section can be incorporated into the test with a simple twist.  It gives a feminine and soft look that can go with any summer outfit. If you want to look dramatically different, then bangs can definitely help. Even if you don't have bangs, you can fake them by using your own hair.

Here are some looks to try for your flowing hair: 

1. Crown french braid


2. Fake bangs


3. Wavy hair without heat


4. Half-up ponytail





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