Groom Hits Bride on Stage After Losing a Game During Wedding | It Left Everyone Too Stunned

Groom Hits Bride on Stage After Losing a Game During Wedding | It Left Everyone Too Stunned

The groom reportedly responded in aggression after the bride appeared to win at a wedding game during the ceremony.

Trigger Warning: This article contains details of abuse that may be distressing to readers.

A shocking video shows a stony-faced groom hitting his soon-to-be wife onstage on the back of her head while they were on stage during their wedding ceremony. According to The Mirror, the incident took place in Uzbekistan and was a result of the man losing a game as part of the wedding celebrations. The bride raised her hand showing that she completed the task for an unspecified game. The groom, after realizing he had lost half-heartedly raised his hand to show that he had also finished the task. 



The groom smacked the bride on the back of the head. Everyone around seemed too stunned to react. The man who was standing next to the groom let out a sympathetic smile and fidgeted with his phone nervously. Later, the bride was assisted off the stage by two other women while the groom acted like nothing had happened and continued to look straight-faced. It is unclear what happened after the camera was shut and law enforcement agencies are yet to comment on the incident. The video of the incident has since gone viral across central Asia. 



Many viewers were horrified after watching the clip. In the comments section, one person said: If I were the guy next to his I would’ve made the wedding into a funeral. Another added: Evil man😡😡😡😡if he can hit his wife that bad in front of so many people without shame and guilt he also can do that in private. This man is evil I hope that wife will think twice to stay or go otherwise she will suffer forever. Trust me I been there! A third questioned: Why would parents let their daughter to marry an animal????



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