Watch the Heart-stopping Moment When a Toddler, Who Was Alone at Home, Falls from the 6th Floor — and Survives!

Watch the Heart-stopping Moment When a Toddler, Who Was Alone at Home, Falls from the 6th Floor — and Survives!

The quick thinking and heroic efforts of bystanders on that fateful day saved the 3-year old boy, who'd been left in the care of his grandmother.

Imagine walking around in a carnival ground with your child's hand clutched tightly only to realize that while your attention was diverted for one tiny second, they were gone. The frantic search among the mass of people until you find your child again would be carried on with your heart in your mouth. Imagine a scene where you have left your child unattended for a moment and come back into the room to discover them gone. After searching the entire house, you find them hiding under the bed. Until you find your kid, you probably tore the house apart.

There are certain moments in a parent's life when they are just caught in a precarious situation. Between earning a living and caring for their child, they are often forced to pick one. In those moments, you leave your child to someone you trust, but you can't ensure what is going to happen even then. Recently, a family was in for a shock after their three-year-old toddler made headlines around the world after surviving a fall from six floors.

The three-year-old boy was seen dangling from the sixth floor of a balcony in an apartment building while bystanders gathered below trying to make sure he is safe. The moment was captured on video and it will make your heart stop. The child can be seen struggling to find a footing back on to the balcony while holding on to the railings. The fear in the child's heart is just unimaginable.


"I looked up and saw a little child was dangling up there," said Zhu Yanhui, who was among the people who helped, of Chongqing Municipality in China, according to Fox News.

"My first reaction was to find something to catch him. I thought about rushing over there and catch him with my bare hands, but that would not have worked. I held out the blanket along with others, all the while keeping my eyes on the child. I looked at the blanket wondering whether we could catch him safely,” Zhu said, according to the state media China Central Television, as quoted by NBC News.

“My only thought was to keep him safe," she said.

The bystanders spread a blanket and caught him. The dramatic moment was captured on video. After the incident, the boy was taken to a hospital but did not suffer any injuries.


The child had been alone at home on Monday when it happened. His grandmother, who was babysitting, had gone out for groceries in the meanwhile. Another individual who was there to help said, "It all happened so fast".

People's Daily China shared the video with a warning, "Never leave your child home alone! Toddler who climbed out of high-rise building balcony was luckily caught by neighbors with a blanket!"


Other people also shared the same sentiment on Twitter. One said, "It's really dangerous to leave a child in home alone, specially like this high rise buildings." Another person said, "My heart just skipped a beat."


We don't know what the parents have to say about this. One Twitter user echoed what their sentiment must be. "Wow, that is heroic. I bet the parents are truly thankful," they said.






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