Relationship Quiz: Sleeping Position of Partners Can Reveal a Lot About the Relationship

Relationship Quiz: Sleeping Position of Partners Can Reveal a Lot About the Relationship

There are a lot more things that can be said without words and the position in which you sleep with your partner is one of those ways.

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Coming home to your bed can be one of the most comforting feeling ever. Coming home to your bed snuggled into your partner's arms can be an even more glorious feeling. It's almost like everything is perfect. But the positions you sleep in with them can actually tell you more about your relationship than you know. Take a look at the images below and pick the one that you relate to the most with your partner.

1. Face to face, not touching

Face to face, not touching 

This position might reveal that while everything might seem amazing when you're awake, there's a lot of underlying problems. It signifies a distance from each other. You might have something you want to share with your partner but are afraid to or vice versa.

But sleeping in this position also means that you yearn for them. You long to close the gap between the two of you. You might even want to see if they've come closer to you or move closer to them yourself. It shows that you really miss each other. It's almost as if it's a way to make up for what is lacking in the relationship.

2. Face to Face and close

Face to face and close

This is one of the most intimate positions you and your partner can sleep in. It shows that both of you are completely in sync with each other - mind, body, and soul. In the beginning, sleeping like this was just your way of showing your affection for your partner. But sleeping like this even in the later stages of your relationship isn't always healthy. It could mean that both of you are too dependent on each other and feel anxious about being apart.

This could affect your sense of independence which could hurt you in the long run. It's why those in long-term relationships often find themselves adopting different sleeping positions. However, if you've been with your partner for a long time, you might find yourself in this position once in a while. It's an affirmation that the spark that brought you two together still burns bright. 

3. The space explorers

The space explorers

To many, sleeping in this position might be a sign of a comfortable relationship. However, it could mean that there is a power play happening between the partners. In this case, the partner who occupies a larger part of the bed seems to want to express their dominance over the other. If you are the one waking up nearly hanging off the bed, it could be that they feel that you are beneath them.

It could also mean that you might not be asserting yourself as an equal in the relationship as much as you think. This sleeping position could indicate something unhealthy in your relationship. If you notice this, you might want to start assuming equal sleeping heights. That is unless one of you wants to remain the submissive partner. 

4. Classic spooners

Classic spooners

Spooning sounds like one of the more romantic positions, one that has been highly publicized in romantic films. But there is more at play. It signifies that the partner who becomes the "big spoon" considers themselves to be the protector. The "little spoon" then feels safe and to show their back to their partner indicates immense trust.

On the other hand, spooning with your partner could indicate ignorance about each other's needs. It's like spooning is only being done because that's what "everyone else" in love does and not because both of you actually feel close on an emotional level. This is your chance to have a real and open conversation with each other. This is the chance to get to know each other on a deeper level and create a relationship that is fulfilling.

5. The nuzzlers

The nuzzlers

Snuggling up to your partner's chest is without a doubt one of the most romantic sleeping positions. Usually done by couples who have just started their budding romance or have gotten back together after a while, it's a position that says a lot about the depth of the relationship. It shows that there is trust and intimacy between the couple. It makes them feel safe as they fall asleep, a vulnerable time.

A sense of acceptance and equality is reinforced in this position. It shows that while the future matters, it's the present closeness and bond that you choose to focus on.

6. The freedom people

The Freedom People

To many, this position might show that the couple is not close at all and could be a sign that the relationship is waning. But it's the exact opposite. Being able to turn your back to your partner shows trust. The fact that it doesn't bother either of you shows that you both are secure enough with each other to be the real you. The bond that you share with them isn't always through a physical connection. It signifies that you accept each other completely. 

In some cases though, it could mean that there is a sense of bottling up emotions that you actually need to share with your partner. If that is the case, then it can be fixed by sitting down to talk to your partner about issues you are having problems with. Neither of you should have to suffer in silence.