6 Ways to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones, According to a Medium

6 Ways to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones, According to a Medium

Our loved ones who passed on may or may not be around us, but there is no harm in trying to let them know that they are still in our hearts.

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Why do we fear death, even when we know that it is inevitable? The older we get, the heavier it weighs on us. We don't know what's on the other side and that scares us even more. However, we might be confronted by it when we lose a loved one, which is equally, if not more, scary. We might miss our loved ones so much that we want to contact them even after they are gone. Or we may feel there is some unfinished business and we want answers. That sounds impossible but there are people who do believe that our deceased loved ones try to contact us from time to time. This could be comforting or fear-inducing for some folks. However, what if you had the control in your hands and were able to get in touch with them when you wanted to? Whether it actually happens or not, we won't know but sometimes indulging ourselves does bring us some peace of mind.


If you're curious to know how others do it, here are six ways to contact a loved one who has passed on, according to a medium. These methods are not confirmed since this is not an exact science but more about our faith.

1. Aromas

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There are different ways in which our loved ones try to contact us. When we smell unexplained fragrances like "tobacco smoke, perfume, a particular flower or even specific foods cooking," says medium Sheri Engler told Oregon Live, it could be them trying to reach us. "Any scent that was distinctively related to that person," she added. The reverse can also be true that we use the scents associated with those people to let them know that they are welcome. It doesn't make for a conversation with the dearly departed but they would know that you are thinking of them.


2. Birds

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If you find a bird trying to get our attention, for some strange reason, it could be that they are an emissary of your loved one. Perhaps, an unknown winged creature lands up on your window sill even when you haven't kept any food out for them. Maybe, if you give them a message to take to your deceased loved one, they will be able to. Engler implies that birds can help us connect with those on the other side, and perhaps telling it that you miss the person who's no longer there will be able to soothe your soul.


3. Windchimes

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It doesn't take much for a delicate thing like windchime to make a sound. Every time someone opens a door or window in your home, the wind could be making the chimes move, but what if there is no wind and it is still moving about? "This is one of the easiest ways for them to say hello," Engler said, of those who have departed this world. "You'll find they create their own jingle and then others join in and create theirs, too." Similarly, we could move the wind chimes ourselves and let our loved ones know that we love them, even if it's been years since they left.


4. Their possessions

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Many people give away the things owned by the person who departed. They are either passed down to others in the family or given to thrift shops or anyone else who needs it more. However, we tend to keep the fondest possessions that remind us of them. Those may be small items but if you hold them, your connection with them might be enhanced. According to Beliefnet, mediums and psychics believe that objects retain some energy of the person who left, which is why holding them would give us a strong line of communication.


5. Dreams

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If we pay attention to our dreams, we might be able to see signs that our loved one is trying to contact us. They might be giving us some advice or message or gesture of comfort. They may not only show up as themselves every time but also as things they loved too. It's hard for people to remember their dreams but sometimes when we focus on a thought hard enough before sleeping, we might be able to get it across to those who are trying to get in touch. Again, there is no precise way of doing it.


6. Ask them to visit

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The last way to contact a loved one is the simplest. When we sincerely ask them to visit and if they exist, in whatever form a soul exists once it has departed, and are listening, they may visit us. We don't know what the afterlife looks like and how it is that they would visit. But, many people assume that the afterlife is unlike our reality. Perhaps, people do turn back into energy when they die and are thus always with us.