Find out What the Tarot Has to Say to You About the Upcoming Fortnight of August

Find out What the Tarot Has to Say to You About the Upcoming Fortnight of August

General Tarot Reading for the fortnight [1 August to 15 August] following the New Moon of 31 July and 1 August 2019: Things are beginning to look up.

It's often said that the new moon brings with it new beginnings. But that's not all they bring. The energy that comes with the new moon is what you need to tap into, especially if you've been struggling with lack of clarity, desperately seeking answers, or looking for guidance as you start something new.

Given below is a general reading I did on account of the New Moon on August 1, 2019. It applies to everybody reading this, irrespective of their zodiac signs, age, and sex. The messages given below may apply to you in your individual endeavors, to your relationships (both romantic and otherwise), or even to your career. The area of life these messages apply to might vary from person to person.

(Left to right) 2 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 3 of Pentacles

The cloud of confusion that had been weighing you down is no longer a concern for you. The back and forth that had caused enough sleepless nights and stress, no more! You're taking what's left of your mind and strength and walking away from the burden that's not yours to bear. Finally, you're sowing seeds of a new dream. Or perhaps, it's that dream you'd nurtured for a while and had left on the back burner. But now, you're beginning to feel you can manifest that dream. In fact, your confidence is pretty high and you're certain nobody can take that away from you. You feel this dream is set in stone, and so is your mind.


2 of Swords - You were feeling stuck

2 of Swords

You were caught between being emotional and practical. Being emotional led you nowhere. It added on to your burdens. The new moon energy is making you see this. The blindfold is coming off.

9 of Swords - You're moving past the torment

9 of Swords

You waited on something that just wasn't meant to be. At least not yet. Divine timing is a lovely thing, but it can also be draining if you wait. And you did. The wait brought with it sleepless nights and days of self-loathing. Being emotional is a lovely thing, but in this instance, it cost you your mental health.

7 of Swords - "I'm outta here!"

7 of Swords

Why in the world would you put your life on hold! You have places to get. Your feelings got the better of you and it didn't serve you. You're taking what energy you have left and you're walking away from the situation that no longer helps you move forward. You didn't think you'd like it, but walking away is putting a smile on your face and a skip in your steps. Because, finally, you can conserve your energy FOR YOU.


3 of Pentacles - You're building a foundation

3 of Pentacles

So, you thought you could build something. But you cannot approach it emotionally. It needs you to be solid and practical. So, what you had hoped could be a "together" thing, is now a solo trip, but you're loving the freedom that comes with this journey. Your mind is made up and you're off making it work for you.

How does Tarot work?

If there's one question every tarot reader gets asked most often is, how can a bunch of cards hold answers to our deepest fears and confusion? Is it completely random or is it some kind of divine channeling of messages? Well, the answer? It's a bit of both.

Most readers are highly intuitive, sometimes psychic too. The vibrant, and often quite descriptive imagery of the Tarot is what helps paint a picture of what you can expect in the coming days, based on the reading. A truly skilled tarot reader will be able to bring clarity to your confusion and present to you answers to your questions.


Every reader has their own preferences: some shuffle and pick the cards themselves (or ask you to pick if you're present), others shuffle extensively and wait until the cards fall out, flip, or fly ot in the midst of shuffling on their own. I fall into the latter group of people. But regardless of the process that leads up to it, once the cards are laid out in front of yoju, they pretty much speak for themselves.

As for the choice of cards, this too depends on the reader's preference. However, the most popular of the lot, and also the most commonly used deck of cards in the Tarot is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Different decks come with different imageries and also have varied interpretations. Purely guided by intuition, readers can interpret the cards differently, though perhaps, we're all probably channeling the same message, really. The deck I've used for this reading is the classic Rider-Waite. The imagery in this deck is quite simple and clear enough for me to explain to just about anyone what they mean.


A tarot reading can be done for an individual, a couple and even a group of people. While there is no rule that dictates when and how you do a reading, there are readers who prefer to schedule it based on the lunar cycles, etc, to gauge the energies.

Tarot Reading by Anusha Shashidhar:
She's a tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
You can follow her on Instagram: @anusha.m.shashidhar