Fun Test: Creamy or Crunchy - How Do You Like Peanut Butter? | It Could Reveal Your Personality, According to Research

Fun Test: Creamy or Crunchy - How Do You Like Peanut Butter? | It Could Reveal Your Personality, According to Research

The crunchy v/s creamy debate finally sees some results!

Our personalities are often so dynamic that we don't realize that the smallest of choices we make can reveal one aspect of it and we might not have even been aware of it. Whether it's in the color we gravitate towards, the way we cross our arms, or even the image we notice first amongst a group of images, we show a little more of our personality with every choice. Now, even your preference of peanut butter can say something about who you are as a person.

In a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jif (a popular peanut butter brand) before National Peanut Butter Lovers Day which was on March 1, 2021, it was found that Americans' love for either crunchy or creamy peanut butter could indicate their personality, according to People. Collecting a sample of 2,000 Americans' peanut butter preferences, research showed that those who enjoyed crunchy peanut butter tended to have a happier outlook on life. 63% of the people who preferred crunchy peanut butter described themselves as optimists whereas only 56% of those who liked the creamy texture said the same.

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Another personality trait of crunchy peanut butter lovers was that they enjoyed being night owls and extroverts while their creamy counterparts preferred being early birds and introverted. While it may seem a little unbelievable that so much can be said about a person just because of their peanut butter preference, it's also not very surprising. Americans share a passionate love for the food and in fact, may even use it as a deal-breaker when it comes to a relationship. Many would rather ask their date about their peanut butter preference instead of what they want to do for a living or other questions.


More results from the survey showed that almost half of all the poll-takers said that finding out which side their date is on the creamy v/s crunchy debate is a deal-breaker. 63% of all respondents also shared that if the kind of peanut butter they liked wasn't available, they'd pass on it. Additionally, the group had also been asked to think back to their childhoods regarding this preference and it was discovered that 47% of creamy fans were teased about liking the peanut butter they did as compared to the 28% of crunchy fans. And that wasn't all.

The poll also showed that people who liked the creamy version were more likely to be judged for it than their counterparts (50% v/s 32%) while 68% of creamy peanut butter fans shared that they felt pressured to prefer crunchy just to fit in. For those who were already crunchy fans, it was 50% for the same. Whew! That's a lot to take in, especially about peanut butter. But it isn't just about differences with the group. They did have some common ground which included what constituted the perfect PB&J - all of the participants preferred grape jelly over strawberry.


“We love to see Americans’ passion about their peanut butter,” said Jake Calhoun, Director of Brand Strategy for the Jif Brand, according to SNWS. “Regardless of which type of peanut butter you prefer; the results show over a third (35%) of Americans prefer to eat their peanut butter directly from the source. That’s part of the reason we introduced Jif Squeeze, which allows peanut butter lovers everywhere to measure out perfect amount of peanut butter for recipes and smoothies or enjoy straight from the pouch on apples, celery or crackers – all without the mess.”




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