Fun Quiz: What Does the Shape of Your Chin Reveal About Your Personality According to Chinese Face Readers?

Fun Quiz: What Does the Shape of Your Chin Reveal About Your Personality According to Chinese Face Readers?

After decades of studying, ancient Chinese researchers have concluded that different features of the face can reveal hidden traits of your personality.


According to ancient Chinese beliefs, the face is the mirror of your very being, in ways more than many. There was a time when such practitioners could tell you about your health, mental and emotional state, and other interesting tidbits of your personality just by looking at your face.

It is believed that facial features like your forehead, shape of your eyes, and lips reveal quite a lot about what kind of person you are and your innate traits. The shape of your chin, too, can reveal hidden traits of your personality.

1. Square chin

Square chin

If you have a square chin, you are most likely the headstrong one. You know exactly what you want and do not appreciate anything or anyone who could be a distraction. You are straightforward and you do not believe in taking anyone else's opinions into consideration when it comes to making decisions for your life. You have a mind of your own and are often considered the leader of the group. Not just that, people with a square chin are naturally attractive and often capture the attention of the opposite sex without even trying.


2. Long chin

Long chin

People with long chin are blessed with all the good things in life. The shape of your chin indicates that you could live to have a long and healthy life, with the privilege of nurturing a loving family. One distinct feature of your personality that the shape of your chin reveals is that you believe in loyalty and follow it will all you might. Besides, you are also a lover of art and the finer things in life. You stop by to appreciate the little things that make your life and the world beautiful. You are also very expressive and are exceptionally good in bed.

3. Narrow chin

Narrow chin

If you have a narrow chin it indicates the warmth and softness of your heart. You are sentimental and empathetic and love to be around people who appreciate these qualities. You believe in kindness. Though it is also easy for your soft heart to get hurt, you will not turn bitter because being forgiveness is in your nature. You are an extremely welcoming and approachable person who can make friends anywhere you go and be the life of a social gathering.


4. Receding chin

Receding chin

This chin could be a sign of introverts. A person who loves to brood in her own world, stays away from the crowd, seldom speaks, and is a thinker, will most likely have a receding chin. You have the qualities of attractiveness and loyalty which, most will agree, are qualities to be cherished. Being the thinker you are, you sometimes tend to get carried away by your thoughts, however, you are also results oriented, which ensures that you think and do at the same time.

5. Protruding chin

Protruding chin

You are someone who sets a goal and achieves them. You are confident and have the personality of a leader who takes responsibility for their actions. You learn something new with every step you take and want to make sure the people you care about, too, grow with you. Physically attractive or not, you definitely have a charming presence and carry yourself with confidence. You are self-driven and never rest until you achieve what you desire to. You might have a few setbacks in life but you are anything but a quitter. Setbacks only motivate you to put in renewed efforts and be the one you always pictured yourself to be.





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