What Makes You a True Warrior, According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Makes You a True Warrior, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Being a warrior isn't always about picking up a sword and stabbing the enemy with it. It means so much more and it comes from within.

Being strong is not easy. Everyone expects it of you all the time and cannot believe that you can ever have a vulnerable soft side. But you do and sometimes all you want to do is scream out that you are just as human as anyone else. But at the end of the day, you take immense pride in your strengths. And you should; you deserve the applause.  And it is this trait according to your zodiac sign that shows that you are a true warrior:

1. Aries

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Your passion can demolish walls to make way for yourself.

Your absolute zest for life will never allow an obstacle to keep you from your goals. You will do whatever it takes to find the path that you've been looking for, whether in your career, family life or with your partner. Your optimism is the reason you are able to overcome hurdles that would otherwise stop anyone in your place. No one can get in your way once you've started breaking down those hurdles... not one single person. 

2. Taurus

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You're a mountain in the midst of a hurricane; no wind can waver you.

You are the calm and patience in a storm of chaos. No amount of manipulation or attempts to corrupt your values and beliefs can ever make you change who you are at your core. You know exactly what you want and you're willing to wait it out to get it. You won't stop until your dreams and goals are in your hand. And god have mercy on anyone who tries to dissuade you. 

3. Gemini

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You have a crafty mind that can use every situation to your advantage and no one can get the better of you.

Your acute intelligence and ability to read the atmosphere makes you one of the most adaptable people. Your calculating mind can read every nuance and subtlety that emerges and passes unnoticed by other people. And it is this trait of yours that can catch the people who try to gaslight or pull wool over your eyes. You have a strong sense of yourself that no one can break.

4. Cancer

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You care for the things and people you love so much that you'll rip apart anyone who tries to harm them.

Others might call you weak for wearing your heart on your sleeve, but anyone who knows you is aware that your fierce loyalty and love is like a protective sphere. Nobody messes with your loved ones and gets away scot-free. You may have only a small group of close ones but both they and you prefer it that way. Any dishonor to them is a dishonor to you and you won't hesitate to rip apart the culprits.

5. Leo

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You're a lioness that will roar powerfully and make obstacles scurry away.

You're the life of the party and everyone loves hanging out with you. You look carefree to others but underneath that exterior is a person who sets their sights on their targets and will walk through fire to reach them. No hurdle is too big for you to handle and you use the passion you have to break through any and all barriers. You never give up hope on the things that matter to you. 

6. Virgo

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Your personal space matters so much to you, you will lay low so as to not attract any attacks on that space.

The dedication that you have to protect your personal space is commendable. You have no issues laying low and keeping below the radar all to protect that space. If anyone tries to intrude, they can be sure that nothing will stop you from striking out at them with precision. Like camouflage, you know how to blend in, but it would be a mistake to underestimate you for even a minute. 

7. Libra

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Your sense of justice is so strong that no force can protect the wrongdoers from your wrath.

Justice will always prevail for you. Though not everything is in black and white, you have the acute skills to discern between those who are innocent and those who try to mislead or manipulate you. And when it's time to lay down the law, you don't spare any wrongdoer. Your ability to keep the balance between good and bad is exactly what makes you a diplomatic leader. 

8. Scorpio 

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You sting hard to make a person realize when they've done wrong.

People tend to underestimate you just because you might not be vocal about your thoughts. But life is like a game of chess to you. You're always calculating three steps ahead and that makes it easy for you to know when someone is trying to manipulate you. Much like a scorpion, you don't immediately strike out at them. Instead, you lie in wait and when the moment is right, you sting the person hard, such that they realize they can't make a fool of you. 

9. Sagittarius

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You hack at every liar that crosses your path with your brutal honesty.

There is no room for lies in your life. You'd prefer that everyone be honest with you because it just makes solving things easier. But when you come across someone who disrespects you by lying, you don't hesitate to give it back to them in equal measure - only with brutal honesty. And with the pain of a thousand cuts, you bring them down to size, making them think 10 times before they try it again.

10. Capricorn

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Your stone-cold exterior dims your enemies' ability to find your weaknesses.

"Aloof," "cold", "unfeeling," "insensitive" - these are words you've heard before. What no one realizes is that this is one of your best defenses. Your ability to project a sense of being "aloof" is actually what protects you from having your vulnerabilities from being exposed and exploited. You aren't a weak person by any standard, but you know the wisdom of keeping yourself safe in this manner. 

11. Aquarius

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You wreck anyone who tries to place you in a box and rule over you.

Like the air sign that you are, you like to go where the wind takes you. And to have someone try to pull you down, box you up and then expect you to follow their rules and commands, incites rage about injustice in you. No matter how long they try to keep you caged, what they don't know is that you're just biding your time. The moment you find a crack in the glass, you won't hesitate to break loose and take the person who did that to you down.

12. Pisces

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You read people like a book, giving you the power to shield yourself from their machinations.

You might be one of the most romantic signs with a love for being in love, but people underestimate you for it. They forget that you're also very intensely aware and know everything that's happening around you. They forget that you can read them. Your empathy and intuition help you figure out people faster than they can say "Hi" and it is this trait that gives you the immense power to know when they are trying to manipulate you - you're not one to fall prey to it.

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