What the Color of Your Candle Flame Is Trying to Convey to You and How to Interpret Its Meaning

What the Color of Your Candle Flame Is Trying to Convey to You and How to Interpret Its Meaning

The spiritual beings around us find different ways to communicate with us and this source of light could be one of them.

Across many cultures of the world, candles play an important role in matters of faith. The light of the candle is like a bright reminder of our faith and belief in something higher than us. If not candles, we use any form of light to ensure that the bright and positive energies are able to surround us.

For those who believe in spiritual practices like candle magic, a candle is one of the basic ways to tell the universe about all that is there in our hearts. But, sometimes they communicate back with us too, and the color of your flame could mean many things.

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If you're curious about what the color of your candle flame could mean, read on: 

1. Dark blue

A blue flame is a symbol of spiritual presence. It could be your guardian angel and it could mean that you are safe and protected. You are not being overlooked by your angel and they are close to your heart. It can be used to attract positive vibes or when it is important to enhance the vibes around you. It brings wisdom and self-awareness along with it and having an open heart will help you welcome these qualities within yourself too.

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2. Red or yellow

If the flame is red or yellow, the energy around you is more Earthy and mundane and not spiritual. A powerful person will be able to harness these vibes for their good. The energy around you is still a powerful one and shouldn't be ignored just because it is Earthy. You can still focus your thoughts and prayers to the higher power for something within your heart with a red or yellow flame in front of you. The prayers might have to be a lot more intentional than with a blue flame.

3. Brown

This is a color closely associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign and they might have a better time attaining the things they pray for with a brown flame. This flame helps to get rid of indecisiveness and increase qualities like concentration and intuition. It can also bring financial gain with it for you and your family. You will find greater happiness on the home front when a brown flame is apparent around you.

4. Light blue

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This is another spiritual color and light blue candle flame showing up around you can mean that you are going to have the peace and calmness you have been seeking for a while. Perhaps, it also brings powers like patience and perseverance with it. It is closely associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius. When you pray with a light blue flame, it brings spiritual harmony to your life and inner peace.

5. Gold 

This is one of the most positive colors in itself and a gold candle flame could indicate that you will make some material gain soon. It also has healing powers and re-energizes you. If you have been going through a difficult patch and a gold flame shows up around you, be ready for better times ahead. This represents prosperity and enlightenment in life.

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