Fun Test: What the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life and Relationships

Fun Test: What the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life and Relationships

Knowing what your relationship has in store for you is one of the most common queries. And the answer lies in your palm, specifically, in the lines on your palm.

Our bodies can reveal a lot about our lives and personalities. The lines on your palms can say so much about how we think, what we like and even how we view relationships and love. Palmistry is the art of interpreting a person's traits and/or predicting their future by studying the lines on their palm. There are lines on your palm that decipher just that—the heart line and the relationship line. And palmistry can help you understand what they mean for you.

What is Palmistry?

According to Your Chinese Astrology, palmistry is the art of reading one's palms or hands to learn a person's personalities, fortune, and future. It is said that by reading the palm lines, hand shape and size, finger length and flexibility, and the fingernails, a lot can be determined about your character traits, health, wealth, wisdom, career and even marriage.

So what do the lines on your palms mean?

Heart line

This is also known as the love line and is one of the major lines in palmistry. But it doesn't just predict your romantic love life but rather how you deal with your emotions and approach all matters of the heart.

This line can start from below your index finger or middle finger and the placement of it is important. If your heart line starts from under your index finger, you are the type who has a satisfying approach to love. Though at the same time, you can also be selective about the person you are with.

If your heart line starts beneath your middle finger, it can mean that you might be insatiable when it comes to love and affection. Additionally, a deeper line indicates that you invest a lot of emotion, time and meaning into your relationship while a faint one means you might be uninterested in love or in your partner. 

But what does the shape of your heart line say?

1. If it is straight


If your heart line goes straight across your hand, you might be the type of person who tends to be guarded in your relationships, probably because of the hurt you might have experienced in the past. You have well-defined boundaries and only open up when you're truly comfortable with your partner. 

2. If it is arched


If you have an arched heart line, it could indicate balance. You are the type of person who puts your priorities first and protects your heart but know when to open up. In your relationships, you bring a sense of emotional intelligence which gives you the ability to clearly distinguish between when you need to take care of yourself and when you need to be there for someone else.

3. If it extends between your fingers

In Between Fingers

If your heart line goes all the way to the top in between your index and middle finger, you might be the type of person who is considered a nurturer. And while this makes you an amazing partner, it opens you up to being taken undue advantage of. Especially when you give so much of yourself to your partner.

4. If it is forked at the end


If you have little spikes at the end of your heart line under your pinky, it could indicate that you have a healthy set of boundaries. You know whom to let in and who is worthy of your love. It's what gives you an advantage in finding someone who is the right match for you.

Marriage Line

Also known as the relationship line, this line reflects how you handle commitment to your partner. It can also hint at how your future relationship will go but this isn't set in stone. 

So what does your marriage line say?

1. If it is long and straight

Long and straight

A line that is long and straight could indicate deep and long love. It shows that when it comes to your family, you are passionate, gentle and always ready to make them happy. For you, it's a lifetime commitment.

2. If it is short


If this line is short, then it could mean that you aren't attracted to your partner anymore. You might be the type of person who might not have the patience to wait for them to open up to you and this could make you lose interest in them. For you, you don't mind if marriage comes much later in life.

3. If it is curved


If your relationship line is curved upwards, it could indicate that you are in for a long and happy relationship with your partner. You feel a true connection with them and both of you are as invested as the other in making it work and this makes for a content relationship.

4. If it doesn't exist

Doesn't exist

Don't panic if it doesn't exist. This could mean that there are other things that you choose to focus on in life than love. Finding a partner may not necessarily be at the top of your list of priorities in life. If you are married or in a relationship already, it could indicate that you are looking for some freedom and independence and aren't really invested in your partner right now. In some cases, the marriage line can also appear later in life when you feel like you are ready to find someone to share your life with.

So what's in store for your love life and relationships?



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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