Fun Test: The Shape of Your Eyes Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Fun Test: The Shape of Your Eyes Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

The shape of your eyes can reveal a lot about your personality than you could imagine and many cultures around the world seem to believe in this system.

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After decades of research and study of ancient techniques, Chinese experts have concluded that the shape of your eyes can reveal a lot about your personality, health, and even relationships, claims Power of Positivity. Face reading (mien shiang or mien xiang, pronounced “myen-shung”) originated in China nearly 3,000 years ago. Originally, this medical art was practiced by Taoist monk healers. They believed that one's face could reveal a lot about the state of their health and eyes, about their deeper thoughts and personality traits that could be non-apparent.

Even those who do not believe in such sciences could concur to the fact that eyes are the mirrors of your soul and they tend to speak a different language that is deeply meaningful. The size, shape, slant, and distance of your eyes reflect your being in entirety and can give people an idea about your personality, just in a glance. While you might find it amusing initially, it could be quite accurate more often than not.


So here's what the shape of your eyes could reveal about your personality.

1. Almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes

Eyes with upswept corners are considered as almond-shaped and people with such eyes are mostly calm and composed. You are warm and make people feel comfortable around you. But you are pensive and vigilant too. Sometimes, your reserved nature does not allow you to go out there and enjoy yourself without inhibitions but that does not mean you do not have your set of amusements that keep you happy and satisfied. While you do have a balanced outlook in life, you could let go of your innate traits to spread warmth and joy.

Celebrity with almond-shaped eyes: Mila Kunis

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2. Wide-set eyes

Wide-set eyes


Your eyes are categorized as wide-set when they are placed relatively farther from one another. Much like the shape of your eyes, you tend to see a little too far. You don't believe in getting stuck in a loop and sulking over the same grief again and again. You want to explore what the world has to offer you and embrace them with open arms and graciousness. You love wild adventures, spontaneity, and cannot survive in a fixed routine. At times, you might feel that your life is going haywire because of the lack of discipline but your far-sightedness helps you balance out your life from time-to-time.

Celebrity with wide-set eyes: Amanda Seyfried

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3. Round eyes

Round eyes

If you have round eyes, you are most likely a very emotional person who wears their heart on their sleeve. You are artistic and expressive and do not shy away from showing your emotions and uncovering your vulnerable side. But at times you tend to go deep into your imagination and let them influence your decisions. Due to this, you might come across as an impractical person to many but your soul is creative and charming and people who see that innate charm will never want to leave you.


Celebrity with round eyes: Katy Perry

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4. Deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes

As the name suggests, you have a deep and introspective personality. People with deep-set eyes have an innate smoldering factor about their eyes which not only looks mysterious but reveals that they observe everything and never let any important detail slip. You tend to have a keen eye for details and have a penchant for brooding. More often than not, you could be found taking insights and analyzing a particular situation. You are one of the most pensive people who also have a romantic side to them only if someone gets past those deep, mysterious eyes.

Celebrity with deep-set eyes:  Keira Knightley


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5. Small eyes

Small eyes

You have eyes for accuracy and precision! You do not get carried away by positive anticipations but you focus on minute details and work on making things perfect. You are logical and know how to handle complicated situations. Not just that, you can be an advisor to many who wish to see through a person or a situation to know what they might be getting into. While you may come across as cold and brutally rational but people don't see the emotions hidden behind your eyes which are as deep as your sense of reasoning, you just make sure that they don't sway you from your motive.

Celebrity with small eyes: Ryan Gosling

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