What Kind of Romance Does Your Partner Like, Based on His Zodiac Sign?

What Kind of Romance Does Your Partner Like, Based on His Zodiac Sign?

Choosing the right partner is no easy feat. Knowing the kind of person you are with and what his idea of romance is can make it much easier.

For those who have had their hearts broken previously, making sure that their next partner is their true love becomes important. It becomes a deliberate choice, all because they don't want to have their hearts broken again. 

With experience, you know by now what kind of person you want or don't want. However, knowing what kind of romantic type each zodiac sign is in itself, is a whole other thing you might be interested in. If you're someone already in a longterm relationship, it will help you understand your partner better.

1. Aries - Excite me!

They are the adventurous and wild kind of romantics. A random trip across the country or a roller coaster ride would be the perfect idea for a date with them. Going out dancing is also a good idea. They are always up for something thrilling that sets their adrenaline pumping. They have tons of energy and can be really competitive, even with their partner. They will keep you on your toes, according to Elite Daily.  

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2. Taurus - Take it slow please

They are the perfect partners you can take back home to meet your mom. They give their all in a relationship and they show up with 100% of themselves every day. However, they like to take their time and are patient in love. They will not jump in headfirst, according to The Talko, but give their relationship time to blossom. These earth signs like it slow, even romance - taking slow steps, literal ones, through hiking or trekking and talking to one another along the route is their idea of time well-spent romancing. 

3. Gemini - Let's laugh together

Gemini is cautious since they like their freedom quite a bit. They are witty and will make their partner laugh once they do get serious, which can take some time. Having a conversation with them is the same as having a great time. However, their partner might feel jealous from time to time because of how flighty they can be. They are likely to take you to a stand-up comedy night. 

4. Cancer - Feed me some love

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They are passionate. Period. They are very caring and irresistible. You will feel safe and protected with them, though they can be moody at times. They will find ways to spoil you and expect to be spoilt in return too. They are a sign that needs some tender love and care on the regular. They like to please you with a luxurious wine and dine experience and expect the same in return. But given they are such home-bodies, they love to cook together at home too.  

5. Leo - I like to flaunt 'us'; you're my pride

They are affectionate and lively. Sometimes, too hot to handle unless you're fire too. They shine brightly thanks to their upbeat and loud personality. They treat their partners like royalty and love some drama in their relationship. They would like to take you to an office party just so they can show you off. 

6. Virgo - You be you; let me be me

They are practical and down-to-earth, just like their element type. They want a partner who has a life beyond the relationship. They need space and independence from their partners. They might come across as distant because of how much time they want to spend by themselves. However, they are also devoted, in their own way. They would love to have you join them in gardening and probably think plants make great gifts. 

7. Libra - Let's hang out; you, me, and everybody else

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They are charming, fashionable, and extremely social. If you don't enjoy social interactions, this butterfly might not be your cup of tea. They live the life of an extravert and homebody with aplomb. They are adaptable and like to keep everyone happy. They would be very excited for you to meet their friends as soon as possible. 

8. Scorpio - Let's deep dive into the ocean of feelings

They are an emotionally intense partner. You should proceed with caution with people born in the sign of Scorpio, if you're not used to being emotionally expressive. They are extremely dependable and expect the same from their partner. They won't expect any less, so settle down with them only if you're 100% sure. They are likely to suggest a weekend away in a cabin in the mountains. 

9. Sagittarius - Let's try something new

They are adventurous people and you will never be bored around them. They are always up for new experiences and want a partner who is too. They're never afraid to step out of their comfort zone and are sure to take their partner on several journeys of a lifetime. They are likely to take to you to a music festival, a walk through breweries in your town, through an old library full of rare book collections, or even a single session aerial-silk yoga!

10. Capricorn - Planning is the name of the game

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They are ambitious and supportive, but that doesn't stop them from being a romantic at heart. Dating a Capricorn will help you achieve your goals as well because of how responsible they are. Collaborating through work will keep you two together more than anything else. He will take pride in helping you with your bills and organizing your life.

11. Aquarius - I like it quirky

They are unique and that is something their partner needs to know about them. They can be charming and hilarious too. They will keep you engaged but still seek their space. They will draw you in into their world and keep you wanting more. You could end up eating cotton candy at a carnival with them or go to a storytelling session. They're the type that might turn up with carrots instead of flowers at your doorstep because they want to support veganism as a cause.

12. Pisces - Make ours a fairytale

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They are a dreamy bunch and don't let real life affect them too much. Their inner world is more important to them and that is something you need to accept, if not appreciate, about them. They are extremely creative and sensitive. They will accept you as you are because of how open-minded they are. You will have to be careful about their soft-heart though. They love making date plans with you, and they land up building it so much in their head that they might actually forget to make it to the real date!




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