What Your Birthstone Reveals About You and What You Value in a Relationship

What Your Birthstone Reveals About You and What You Value in a Relationship

Your birthstone has a significance tied into it and in many ways, describes the kind of person you are and what you look for in your relationship.

Nearly every woman loves some kind of jewelry or the other. But her taste in ornaments might not really tell us much about her personality. However, her birthstone can reveal that and more. With loads of history behind it, each birthstone was originally meant to heighten its healing powers and therapeutic effects, according to Bead Trails. As the centuries passed, the meanings of the gems changed but the significance of it in the wearer's presence stayed the same. 

A woman's birthstone doesn't define her but it molds her and guides her to the choices she makes, including what she values in her partner. 

1. January - Garnet

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Significance - Protection and loyalty

If this is your birthstone, it indicates that you are a protective person. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. When it comes to helping out your loved ones, they can count on you to guide and support them through difficult times. They know that they are safe with you and that your loyalty is unmatched. So it comes as no surprise that you look for the same in your partner - his ability to make you feel protected and cared for in the relationship. 

2. February - Amethyst

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Significance - Courage and wisdom

Claiming this as your birthstone reveals just how brave and courageous you are. You are the type of person who acts as a barrier against evil, for yourself and for others. But this courage doesn't come without wisdom, the kind that leads you to make smart decisions. You're also the type of person who feels the need to be completely honest, no matter who is at the receiving end. So when it comes to your partner, you value honesty which actually helps in avoiding misunderstandings and letting fights rot the relationship. 

3. March - Aquamarine

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Significance - Serenity and love

Peace is the key factor of this birthstone. You enjoy harmony in the relationships you have and are the first one to help smooth over ruffled feathers. Even you may lose your temper occasionally, but it is tempered by your love for a peaceful environment. Love is an extremely powerful force for you, and when mixed with serenity, makes you an easy partner to have. With your partner, this need for peace gives him a chance to be vulnerable with you. You value the strength it takes to be completely open with one another. 

4. April - Quartz or Diamond

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Significance - Unconditional love and strength

You're one of the few lucky ones who get to claim both of these birthstones. Where diamond represents your unconditional love and unwavering loyalty, the quartz brings out the strength and courage that lies within your core. You may be a romantic and wear your heart on your sleeve, but that doesn't mean you can't fight your own battles and stand up for yourself. You value your partner's independence, especially if it is tempered with a willingness to do silly and romantic things with you.  

5. May - Emerald

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Significance - Hope and patience

If you were born in May, then chances are, your close ones describe you as optimistic and patient. The green of these stones speaks of health and fertility but it's your knack for witty responses, intelligent thoughts, and accurate observations that draw people to you. Not to mention you are well-known for being able to find a proper balance in relationships. When it comes to your partner, you value patience and listening because you know that that is one of the ways to keep your relationship peaceful. 

6. June - Pearl or Alexandrite

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Significance - Love and stability

June babies like you are known for having your moral compass straight. You stand up for what you believe in yet don't approve of forcing your opinions on someone else. It is this trait of yours that also helps you be light-hearted yet nurturing with others. Just by being around you, people feel their stress melt away. With your partner, you need to know that he's in it for the long haul and is willing to be committed to you. You value stability and honesty in a relationship. 

7. July - Ruby

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Significance - Passion and Success

The deep red of the beautiful gem speaks of more than just passion. It screams success. For someone like you, hard work is one thing you will never forgo. Your passion and dedication to all aspects of your life are what ensure your success. Even with your loved ones, your desire to keep your bonds with them solid is what makes you lovable by all. And with your partner, you need to know that he puts in equal effort to make your relationship work whether in passion or in dedication. You are not a fan of being taken for granted. 

8. August - Peridot

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Significance - Beauty and zest

Does someone need a problem solved? They come to you. Does someone need a partner in adventure? They come to you. Does someone need a teacher? They come to you. You are a mixture of beauty, grace, intelligence, and adventure. There's a zest for life and knowledge in you that has stunning potential. As a partner, you are quite grounded and value stability in a relationship. 

9. September - Sapphire

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Significance - Honesty and wisdom

The piercing blue of the gemstone is associated with dignity, wisdom, and spirituality and so are you. Your hard-working nature, abundance of knowledge and your ability to bounce back from tough situations make you the kind of person people can depend on. As for your relationship, you might not be able to always express yourself openly to your partner, but your need for honesty allows both of you to communicate well enough to keep the bond strong. 

10. October - Opal

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Significance - Faithfulness and confidence

If you were born in October, it's a given that your innocent heart, compassionate spirit, and optimistic outlook toward life attracts others to you like a moth to light. You like to see the good in people, even if it lands you into trouble sometimes. But that in no way stops you from moving forward with your life and your positive attitude. It is this quality of yours that makes your partner love you even more. The energy you bring and value in your relationship makes for a very strong connection between you two. 

11. November - Citrine

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Significance -  Affection and intelligence

Fair-minded, friendly, flexible, lovable, smart - these are all the words that your close ones would use to describe you. But those who really know you would add one more to the list - mentally strong. All of these traits come together to make you an affectionate, fair and intelligent person, someone who believes in balance. Even in your relationship, you value a partner who can share your thirst for knowledge and knows how to make a girl (you) swoon. 

12. December - Turquoise

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Significance - Friendship and determination

Those who are friends with you are extremely lucky. Your loyalty is unmatched but they know not to cross you for once it's broken, you aren't so trusting again. However, your determination to move forward and take life by the horns regardless of what anyone says is what ensures your success in life. In a partner, you want more than just a lover, you want a friend who can make you smile, laugh and do even the stupidest things with you. 





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