What Is Your Spirit Animal, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What Is Your Spirit Animal, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Our zodiac sign can tell us about our personalities, but there are many layers to astrology that can tell us about the deeper parts of us.

Our sun sign can reveal our basic personalities but there is more to astrology than that. Your Moon sign, Ascendant, Venus sign, and others reveal more about different facets of you. Another thing that your zodiac sign can reveal is your spirit animal. Spirit animals are aligned to a certain period of time and it shows the inner personality of a person. It can show your spiritual energy and inner desire. While some sun signs are related to some animals, the spirit animals are different from them.

This is what your zodiac signs say about your spirit animal:

1. Aries

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The hawk is the spirit animal for the Aries sign. They are known for being natural-born leaders thanks to their clear judgment in crisis situations. This fire sign shows independence, loyalty, and passion, just like their spirit animal. While they can work individually, they are also great at leading groups. These individuals seem hard on the outside but are full of compassion. They might be seen as impulsive sometimes because of the amount of confidence they exude.

2. Taurus 

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Taurus is generally associated with the bull but their spirit animal is the beaver, a small but adaptable animal. They are intelligent and patient, persisting on their projects until they are complete. They can be very resourceful and strategic about their projects as well. They have a strong sense of home and they spend a lot of time building it. In fact, they are the builders of the animal kingdom. They are equipped with intelligence that makes them good at creating order and structure around them.

3. Gemini

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This sign, known for its dual nature, is represented by the deer, who is quick-witted and innocent at the same time. They are energetic creatures that are always in tune with their surroundings. There is a gentleness about them but in crisis situations, they are not afraid of bringing out their thinking caps. They are great at charming people with intellectual conversations but the spirit animal warns them against being vain. The emphasis lies in them using their personality and not looks to charm others.

4. Cancer

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The Cancer sign is generally known as the crab but their spirit animal is the woodpecker. They are nurturing creatures who fall into the role of caregivers seamlessly thanks to their intrinsic values about home. They will be great listeners and accepting of people. This creature is known for their devotedness even if it's at the expense of their own safety. They are resourceful but can become hoarders sometimes, because everything has deep meaning for them. At their worst, they can be jealous and possessive.

5. Leo

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Just like lions, Leo's spirit animal salmon is one to stand out for swimming against the current. They are determined creatures that are driven by instinct and can't be stopped by others once they set their mind to it. They trust their gut and inner feelings more than the outside world. They are leaders with charisma and enthusiastic. People are drawn to them for their larger than life personality. At their worst, they can be insecure when their feelings are not reciprocated.

6. Virgo

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Just like the Virgo, their animal spirit, bear, shows that they are observant, resourceful, and organized. They are known for being hardworking and intelligent. What sets them apart is their gentle and big hearts, which make them giving. They are goal-driven people who carry a torch within, which is the answer to all their dreams and wishes. They will keep working doggedly towards their dream until they have what they want and more.

7. Libra

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The Libran is all about maintaining balance in all facets of their life, which is what their spirit animal raven is also representative of. They see both inner and outer reality and create a balance between the two. They have mystical knowledge and great wisdom, which makes them great at mediating. They will listen to both parties carefully, weigh the options, and give their solutions or advice. They are also eternal romantics who can be exceptionally caring and patient towards their loved ones. This makes them nurturing to those they feel safe with.

8. Scorpio

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The spirit animal of this sign is the snake. They represent transformation in human life. The shedding of the skin is reminiscent of the life-death-rebirth cycle that many cultures believe in. These individuals believe in aiming towards growth and after a period of time, they will want to go back to the drawing board and rebuild their life. They take new challenges that can be life-changing, leaving the old behind. They are extremely passionate individuals who are in control of their self.

9. Sagittarius

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Those born during this period have great observation skills, just like the owl, their spirit animal. They see through people's deceptions easily and it is hard to catch them unawares. They can be seen as impulsive and have deep emotions burning inside them. They care about friendships greatly. Their intuition leads them in their life path. These creatures can be seen as reckless and selfish but at their best, they want partners who will nurture and protect them.

10. Capricorn

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The hardworking and ambitious Capricorn can be a loner just like their spirit animal the goose. They are known for their determination and perseverance. They value accomplishing their goals as the top priority in their life. However, their goals are set by them not the outside world. They will follow their own ideals to fulfill their dreams. At their best, they are funny and generous but they should be wary of their addictive traits. 

11. Aquarius

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Just like their sun sign, otters are playful and creative. They dance to their own beat and can be unique but lonely individuals. Often misunderstood, they walk on their own path even if it is an unpopular one. They have many friends from various parts of life. They are unlikely to show everyone all of themselves, so the closest friends can sometimes feel at a loss. They use their imagination and fantastic thinking to keep things interesting in their life.

12. Pisces 

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The spirit animal for the Pisces is the wolf. They hold a great depth of feelings within just like Pisceans. They are independent people, who are just as comfortable being alone for large parts of their life as with groups. Even if they spend a majority of their life finding themselves they want to settle down eventually. They can be passionate and nurturing people. Their emotions run them mostly. They are mostly gentle creatures who show that side of themselves to a select few.





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