Heartbreaking Video Shows Mom Breaking Down as a Balloon Floats Towards Her From Her Late Son's Coffin at Funeral

Heartbreaking Video Shows Mom Breaking Down as a Balloon Floats Towards Her From Her Late Son's Coffin at Funeral

Many, including the distraught mother, believe that it is a sign from her deceased baby boy to comfort his mother.

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A mom from the Philippines broke down uncontrollably when something unimaginable happened at the funeral of her baby boy. Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares was grieving for the loss of her seven-year-old Trebby when suddenly people saw a white balloon moving from behind the coffin of Trebby and inching towards his mom.

As Joy hugged the balloon and started sobbing profusely, they also noticed other helium balloons move on their own and going to people who were mourning. The family believes that this is a sign from the late child intended to comfort them, the Mirror reported.


Sharing this heartbreaking incident, Joy wrote on Facebook, "I would like to believe that this was his last mission."

According to Mail Online, Joy believes that it was Trebby's last goodbye to them. Not just that, Joy shared another video which shows the balloon move towards other distraught family members.


The video that now has over 4 million views shows a white coffin covered with flowers and white balloons, and featuring a portrait of late Trebby. The moving balloon was first noticed by Trebby's siblings who alerted Joy about it. On seeing the balloon move towards her Joy started crying and also hugged and kissed it.


The balloon then turned directions towards the other mourning members present in the hall. The video is posted with the words "thank u for the hugs and kisses, for the pure sincere genuine LOVE, I love you."

Joy had also posted a second video from the funeral which shows another balloon flow towards Trebby's sibling from the side corridor. "I would like to believe that this was his last mission, to tell the world of HIS great love," wrote Trebby's mom. She also called him a "little warrior."



Not just Trebby's family but many viewers also believe that it is in fact the boy's spirit who came from beyond the grave to bid adieu to his family.

"I replay it twice and I cry I feel the spirit of the child," one commenter said.

Another said, "I have watched this for more than five times already and every time it never fails to make me cry ... Its just amazing how the balloon floating slowly heading it's way to the grieving mother, it looks like the ballon was giving the crying mother a non stop hug and giving her the assurance of saying I'm okay mommy and everything is gonna be okay."


A few also had a mixed response to the videos. For example, one user said, "What times we live in, a mother is comforted by an invisible force, and what matters the most is that it was recorded in a funeral. It's like being very thirsty while a bottle of water in front of you but do not drink the water because there is no glass. An absurd frivolity."


As the family copes with their loss we send our thoughts and condolences to them!