This Is Why You Should Never Mess with Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio Sign People

This Is Why You Should Never Mess with Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio Sign People

They are fierce individuals whose sudden bursts of anger can flow like unstoppable lava from a volcano that was just waiting to burst.

The zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our personalities, including how we express our negative emotions. In their own right, some of them are stronger than others. But eventually, they too run out of strength and patience. When these signs turn to their darker side and explode, you don't want to be in the way. They are formidable individuals you don't want to be on the bad side of. These signs love to give second or even third chances to people, but when they turn their back on those who hurt them repeatedly, there is no going back. 

If you are one of these three signs, people know already not to cross you. Messing with you has not bidden them well before and now they give you the respect you deserve. 

1. Cancer (June 22 to July 22): Pincers pierce hard 

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People assume that since a Cancerian is a maternal homebody, she wouldn't fight back when pushed too hard. They expect her to be docile and accepting of everything but when a Cancerian is angered, her pincers come out. The crab knows how to fight back and usually starts off by giving a gentle warning. If provoked repeatedly, she turns progressively passive-aggressive. When she absolutely can't take take bulls*** anymore, the cardinal anger will hit the person who's wronged them hot and hard. Canerians are patient individuals who know how to ignore a mistake once or twice but do it thrice and they won't keep their cool anymore. They can go from zero to hundred in a flash and the emotions come tumbling out then. 

2. Leo (July 22 – August 21): Those claws are sharp

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Leos burn over a soft fire for a long time before exploding. They are generally lively and dramatic, but the emotional display then is more playful. When they are truly angry, you might want to run for the hills. It is like wildfire and you'll find it hard to outrun the lion. They won't care to think twice before they start dressing down someone who has angered them. The kind of cold fire their words unleash on you will come relentlessly. If their anger has turned into loathing, they will become completely indifferent and uncaring, and there is no going back from there. 

3. Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): A poisonous sting

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They have intense feelings and when they are wronged repeatedly, their scorpion tail comes out in a blinding flash and pierce you! The pain can be blinding, be warned. Scorpios don't take lies, betrayal, and manipulation easily. They can see through it all and when they can't tolerate it anymore, the hurt they feel festers. So, sooner or later, they're bound to inject that poison when they decide to give it back. Don't ever slight a Scorpio, if you don't want to be stung; they really know how to hold grudges. With few words or gestures, they can make the person they dislike feel like a fleck of dust. 





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