Woman Sues Doctor for "Fertility Fraud" | Home DNA Kit Showed He's the Father of Her Child, Not Anonymous Sperm Donor

Woman Sues Doctor for "Fertility Fraud" | Home DNA Kit Showed He's the Father of Her Child, Not Anonymous Sperm Donor

Bianca Voss paid Dr. Martin Greenberg $100 to procure sperm from an anonymous donor. Decades later, she found out he lied to her.

A New Jersey woman who wanted to have a child in the 1980s but couldn't get pregnant had gone to see a doctor named, Dr. Martin D. Greenberg. After consulting him, he suggested intrauterine insemination, and for that Bianca Voss paid him $100 to procure sperm from an anonymous donor. Decades later, Bianca, 75, is suing Dr. Greenberg, 77, for the same matter. He defrauded her about where the sperm came from.

The woman has alleged that the former New York OB-GYN performed "medical rape" and "fertility fraud" by using his own sperm after a home DNA test revealed her daughter's biological father. Attorneys Jason Kane and Adam Wolf filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bianca against Greenberg, who now lives in Florida. He had a longtime practice in Manhattan. In her complaint, Bianca said that she learned of his "deceit" only after her daughter, Roberta, 36, tried to find her family history with a 23andMe DNA test, as per People.

"It was devastating to me when Roberta came to me with the news that her home DNA kit showed that Dr. Greenberg was the biological father," Bianca said.


She is incensed and is suing him for 10 causes of action including battery, fraud, intentional misrepresentation, negligence, and negligent infliction of emotional distress, according to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York. She also wants a jury trial, an unspecified amount of damages, and for Greenberg to reveal his personal health history, according to the complaint.

"Dr. Martin Greenberg inserted his own sperm into this patient, Bianca Voss. He did so without her consent and against her wishes," according to the complaint by the woman's attorney Jason Kane, writes NBC News. "Some people call this horrific act 'medical rape.' But regardless of the name, Greenberg's heinous and intentional misconduct is unethical, unacceptable, and illegal."


In a press conference on Zoom, Bianca said she had "wanted someone anonymous. He did say, 'Do you mind the donor is Jewish?' And I said 'no' and that was it. I kind of thought it might be a medical student from the hospital, but that was it. And then he asked me for the check for $100 to cover the donor, his inconvenience."

This news has been shocking for the 75-year-old, who used to live in Manhattan's Upper West Side when she was pregnant, She felt "victimized" and it has led to "debilitating anxiety and emotional pain," the lawsuit said. While she didn't place any restrictions on who the donor should be, she "never ever thought her doctor was inserting his own sperm into her, which she thinks is gross," her attorneys added.


Even her daughter, Roberta, is horrified by the breach of trust. "There in black and white, Dr. Greenberg .... was identified as my father. Not my possible father, not someone sharing a lot of the same DNA characteristics, it says flat out, he is my father," the daughter said. "It’s horrifying to look in the mirror and see the person who violated my mother and I see his face every time I look in the mirror. I’m in turmoil about who I am, what this means and what kind of person would do this? And is that a part of who I am? And what about my son?"

Bianca and Roberta want to know Greenberg's medical history after finding out that his son passed away at an early age. "Aware that Greenberg's son, unfortunately, passed away at an early age, she wanted to know if she may have inherited a concerning medical condition," the lawsuit said. "She also wanted to know if she may have passed on such a condition to her own child."




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