Woman Devastated After Discovering Husband Cheated On Her the Night Before Her Wedding & Has a Child From the Other Woman

Woman Devastated After Discovering Husband Cheated On Her the Night Before Her Wedding & Has a Child From the Other Woman

The woman uncovered the betrayal five years after their marriage.

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One woman's worst fears came true just a day before her wedding. However, it took her years to realize it.

The woman took to Reddit to describe her awful experience. She told users that she met her then-boyfriend, now-husband Josh through the Christian society at their college. They prided themselves as the ideal Christian couple and supported each other through thick and thin.


“We waited till we got married, he has supported my career, I have had such huge respect for him as this loving man with whom I had an equal relationship. I thought we had a perfect life," said the woman.

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But things began to look different after a woman named Alice started attending their church. The woman noticed that Josh and Alice had a unique connection. Though it did not bother her initially, she began being bothered by the different dynamics between the two.


As days went by, it appeared as if the two could not stand to be near each other. “So feet away from where I would be working in my office — once or twice he said she was his 'washing up buddy' and she just used to look embarrassed. Once our church had a ceilidh and they danced together once then too and again, I felt like there was something weird," she recalled.


The woman was disturbed about it and decided to share her fears with a friend. “I talked to a separate friend about it and we prayed together about my insecurities. We agreed that Josh would never cheat and that Alice was a nice girl," said the woman.

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Even on the day that Josh wanted to propose, he ran into Alice and ended up postponing the proposal. “He found Alice very upset because of something to do with her family so he had stayed and talked her through it. So he postponed proposing until the next day and then it rained and so it ended up being three weeks later. But then I was so happy. And Alice wrote us a lovely card to say congratulations," recalled the woman.


Anyhow, the woman was happy that she was engaged to the man of her dreams. But things seemed weird on the day of their wedding. While she couldn't wait to be Josh's wife, he was freaking out.

“I remember just wanting it to be the next day so I could be Josh's wife already....Josh had a freak out. He was with his groomsmen in his house-share, it was supposed to be their last boys' night and he got up and said that he needed to go and pray and he just left. And from that point, he was MIA for over 12 hours," recalled the woman.


Despite the last-minute meltdown, Josh arrived at the wedding an hour before the ceremony. During their honeymoon, he told his wife that he was overwhelmed with everything at the last moment. The woman empathized with him and forgave him.

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However, matters became worse when she realized what had really happened a day before their wedding. Five years later, she ran into Alice while she and Josh went to a nearby park. Surprisingly, Alice was with a child, and both Alice and Josh looked uncomfortable to have run into each other.

As in turned out, the child was born nine months to the date of their wedding, and as she soon discovered, the child belonged to Josh. He revealed that he slept with Alice the night before he got married to her. Additionally, he also told that it was Alice who drove him to the wedding.

“Instead of Josh's first time being with me, it was with Alice the night before. He said that the night before our wedding he couldn't breathe and when he left his house he just drove to where she was. It was her first time and his and he said that she just opened the door and 'events escalated rapidly.' He spent the night and then his car had no petrol from the drive or whatever and so it was Alice who drove him to the church," she wrote.

The heartbroken woman went on to say that Josh wanted to be a part of his child's life. Alice, on the other hand, does not want to confuse their child.

Meanwhile, the woman stated that she was devastated. She wrote, "It's like my life has crashed down and my husband suddenly has this soulmate and it's not me."

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She continued, "How can he still be drawn to her when he barely knows her? They had one night and a lot of mooney eyes — we've been living together for five years, how does that not compete??” However, she did not want to give up on Josh.

Reddit users were quick to respond to the incident. "I mean, this is a huge betrayal, not just of you, but your marriage and your ideals and religion," wrote one. Another stated, "If you want to work past this, then he needs to come to terms with what he did, make it up to you, and come to an agreement with Alice."

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