Woman Recreates Nicole Kidman’s Iconic Look From When She and Tom Cruise Split to Celebrate Her Own Divorce

Woman Recreates Nicole Kidman’s Iconic Look From When She and Tom Cruise Split to Celebrate Her Own Divorce

The woman organized a divorce party and halfway through it, she changed into the iconic outfit and celebrated her separation with 30 of her closest pals.

Nicole Kidman is a source of inspiration to many women across the globe, for her strength and perseverance. But, for one woman, Kidman (or rather her outfit) helped her through her divorce. 

In 2001, around the time she finalized her divorce to Tom Cruise, Kidman was famously photographed leaving her attorney's office, happily pumping her hands in the air, reports TODAY. Kidman is dressed in cream and pink sheer top and light sage green three-quarter-length trousers, per Independent


Twenty years since the iconic photo, Liz Maupin, a producer in Los Angeles, had just finalized her divorce, and she realized the way she felt resonated with the emotions from Kidman's iconic divorce photo. So, she decided to recreate the look to celebrate her newfound freedom, as she'd invited a few of her friends for a “divorce party.”

"I honestly think I only saw the photo for the first time a few years ago and I just loved it," Maupin said. "You can feel how relieved, how happy Nicole is to have it all over with." Even though finding the exact same blouse proved a challenge, Maupin wasn't ready to give up. She spent weeks trying to find the same print from two decades ago! 


"It was so hard. I did a couple weeks of research, but the shirt was nowhere to be found," she said. "There were even Reddit threads of people trying to find it."

But you know what they say, if there's a will, there is a way! Eventually, she connected with Carlie Armstrong, who took on the challenge and created a perfect replica of the iconic blouse just in time for Maupin's divorce party.


On the day of her party with no boys and 30 of her closest gal pals, Maupin printed out Kidman's picture and put her outfit in a bag to surprise her friends later. Halfway through the celebration, she went and changed into the outfit. She walked out to surprise her friends, throwing her arms in the air with the same joyful expression Kidman had two decades earlier.

The outfit received a lot of cheers and applause from her girls, and before she hit the sack the day after her party, she decided to upload a picture on Twitter. It didn't take long for the image to go absolutely viral. 



Maupin thinks it's because she thinks that the idea of celebrating the end of a relationship is something people could resonate with. "It’s been overwhelmingly positive. There are a lot of women out there who have gotten out of unhealthy relationships and have said they felt very supported (seeing this)," Maupin said, adding that she now hopes Kidman does see the image, just for her to know how inspiring she really is. 

"I hope she sees it and is proud," Maupin said.




Cover Image Source: Twitter | Liz Maupin (@lizmaupin)

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