Wife Shares Photo of Exhausted Husband Sleeping on ER Floor To Show What Good Dads Are Like

Wife Shares Photo of Exhausted Husband Sleeping on ER Floor To Show What Good Dads Are Like

The woman, who is a mom-of-two, wanted to show her appreciation to her husband, who is a hard-working man and a devoted dad.

Parenting is difficult and unless couples support each other through this journey, it can be really hard for one of the partners. Shared goals and dividing responsibilities can help any couple who is trying to raise kids. As partners, it is important to figure out what works for both of them instead of worrying about people's perceptions. If one of the partners can be more present than the other on a certain day, then that is how a family should share the workload.

Many people will jump to conclusions when they see how a wife honored her devoted husband, but it's crucial to understand that this is what works for her. Sara Duncan, a mother of two and teacher from Fredericktown, Missouri, and her husband, Joe Duncan, recently had to take their youngest to the emergency room, as per Good Morning America. Sara shared a photo of her husband, who was sleeping on the floor of the emergency room, sparking off a conversation about good parenting, shared responsibilities, and gratitude.

"Let’s talk about this because it doesn’t get enough attention......What some may see: a dad sleeping while Mom stays awake holding their sleeping baby in the ER at 2 am. What I see: A dad sleeping on the hard floor of an ER after working 12-hour shifts 6 days a week for the last month, despite the fact his wife asked him to stay home and rest, all because he didn’t want his babies in STL alone," wrote Sara.


"...He didn’t want his wife to have to do it on her own, no matter how exhausted he is. Marriage and parenting isn’t 50/50. Some days it is. Other days it’s 60/40, 70/30, or even 80/20. And you have to be willing to pull your weight, no matter what your partner needs that day. This is what love is. This is what being a husband is. This is what being a Daddy is. And I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else! Thank you for all you do for us Daddy! We love you!" she added.


Many people commented on her social media post, which was shared more than 37,000 times. One of the people also shared her own experience with a loving partner. "I have a husband like that. Our oldest son had severe special needs. We both worked hard to take care of him. But through the years the stress took its toll on me. My husband never wavered and he picked up the slack for me. His love for his beautiful boy was and still is amazing even though our son has been gone for five years," she wrote.


Another person added, "There are some good Fathers out there about time they are finally getting recognized."

Multiple women tagged their partners to thank them for being the amazing person that they are. It might seem that it is rare to find a good husband but these women honoring their husband shows that it's more common than we think.



Cover image source: Facebook/Sara Duncan

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