Woman Who Was Clinically Dead for 7 Minutes Claims She Saw and Felt "Everything in the Cosmos"

Woman Who Was Clinically Dead for 7 Minutes Claims She Saw and Felt "Everything in the Cosmos"

The TikTok user, who goes by the handle @kassihogann, talked about what it was like coming back from the dead.

One woman claims to have come back from the dead and is sharing her story on TikTok. The TikTok user, who goes by the handle @kassihogann was supposedly clinically dead for 7 minutes. In that time frame, she said she was able to "see and feel everything in the cosmos." Kassi's clip was in response to another TikToker who also said she herself came back from the dead. She said that many people are curious to know what happened to her during that time. Kassi decided to talk about her own experience.


According to UNILAD, Kassi said she could "relate" to the other TikToker. At the age of 18, she was declared clinically dead after making a "stupid decision." Without revealing more details, she went on to say that she had "died three times," and that as she stopped living she saw something that "not many people [she’s] heard see". What was that feeling like in that strange space? It was like being "sucked into a tunnel," she explained, adding that she "ended up in the stars" soon after. She then recalled being able to see "the galaxy, the cosmos, everything." She couldn't move and her eyes were closed but she could feel a sensation, one that made her feel "very comfortable and warm."

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Kassi illuminated, "While my eyes were closed I could see anything and everything. I could feel everything." In another video, she added that she could "feel [her] loved ones that have passed on," but that she couldn’t "see them or talk to them." She went on to say, "You had the comfort of knowing your loved ones were with you even though they weren’t astronomically or physically next to you… like you just automatically know." She admitted that the feeling was "very hard to explain," but she tried her best to do so.

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After her "death", Kassi said she had suffered short-term brain damage, explaining, "I could literally have a conversation with somebody and then 20 minutes later not remember the conversation or even talking to them. It does affect my everyday life, I do have to keep a little notebook just to remember certain things that are very important. After I woke up they got a CAT scan of my brain and there was like tiny little parts that were blacked out. They told me that they might regenerate themselves but it’s not likely." 

Kassi's story is somewhat similar to another woman who was also considered technically dead but in her case, she was "dead" for at least 27 minutes. Miraculously the woman came back to life with a vivid description of "heaven" and shared her story. Mum-of-four Tina Hines, from Phoenix, Arizona, had a cardiac arrest that caused her to collapse and later had to be revived six more times by the medics as they were on the way to the hospital. She was dead for 27 minutes but when she woke up she quickly asked for a pen and paper. 


She quickly scrawled, "It's real"  in barely legible writing.  When she was asked as to what was real, she nodded her head upwards. "It was so real, the colors were so vibrant," Tina told AZfamily. She also said that she saw a figure whom she believes was Jesus standing next to some bright, yellow, glowing gates. Madie Johnson, Tina's niece, was so moved by her aunt's story that she got the message: "It's real" in the unique handwriting tattoed on her wrist.

Many similar incidents have occurred where people have claimed to see God, heaven, angels, the cosmos in the midst of a near-death experience. Can it be real? Is it a figment of our imagination at the time? Is there really a heaven? Maybe, maybe not. But with these kinds of stories, it's hard not to believe.






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