Woman Fighting Breast Cancer Gets Her Hair Shaved off by Husband in Emotional Photoshoot

Woman Fighting Breast Cancer Gets Her Hair Shaved off by Husband in Emotional Photoshoot

Charlie Johnson and her husband Kelsey decided to shoot these unique photographs depicting their love, pain, and bravery to fight her disease together and to inspire millions of women with breast cancer.

When we are faced with tough times, sometimes we lose our courage to move forward. But with the encouragement of our dear ones, we build the strength to face it. Charlie Johnson is one such fighter. When deadly cancer came into her life unexpectedly, Charlie was shocked. But she knew she had to fight it.


According to People, Charlie Johnson and her husband Kelsey did a photoshoot to depict their cancer journey as a couple. Charlie, who is a registered nurse, found a lump in her breast in 2018. Though doctors told her it was likely to benign, she insisted on its removal due to the pain.




"Two weeks after removal I went into my follow-up appointment with my surgeon. That was when he told me about my lump results, telling me I was now a 34-year-old with breast cancer,” said Charlie to People. Though she was afraid, Charlie wanted to be in control of her treatment and outlook. So, the couple hired their acquaintance, Mandy Parks, a lifestyle photographer to capture some intimate moments.




Mandy captured the love and pain of the couple who are moving hand in hand to win over cancer. While all the images are emotional, the photograph that showed Kelsey shaving off his wife's hair is extremely heartbreaking. Charlie who is dressed in a pink gown with a gold ribbon chain symbolizing her cancer is seen looking into the mirror with tears in her eyes as her hair falls off over her shoulder.




“It was very emotional. Highly emotional. I had to take a lot of breaks and walk away... They were talking to one another the whole time, telling one another they love each other. It was pretty awesome,” said Mandy. The photos which were then posted on her Facebook page became viral. The deep personal feelings and emotions captured in those photographs inspired people all over the internet. Mandy commented on the bravery of the woman and wrote," Strong women aren’t simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through. From the pain, mistakes, and heartache we achieve pride and strength...”




Meanwhile, Charlie hopes that her story would empower other women battling cancer and all the pain and grief that comes with it. “If one woman is struggling with the worries, anxiety, fear of losing her hair and sees this post and can get some hope or empowerment to think ‘I can do this,’ then that is exactly what we want. I was excited and scared, all at the same time — for myself and my husband and kids,” said Charlie to People. She added that she was lucky to have a supportive family to help her brave through her tough times.





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