This Women-Only Hotel with a Gorgeous Pool and a Motto to Relax and Rejuvenate Stressed-out Women Is a Dream Come True

This Women-Only Hotel with a Gorgeous Pool and a Motto to Relax and Rejuvenate Stressed-out Women Is a Dream Come True

This hotel on the Mediterranean island of Majorca has all the things a woman needs to relax and rewind in peace.

You could drive there or fly over to Spain's Balearic Island Mallorca (Majorca) in the Mediterranean. You will be greeted by white sand, resorts on beaches, nightlife, sheltered coves, historical remains, blue sky and water, a wide array of foods, and dozens of great hotels. The island gives us a lot of convincing reasons to visit, but there is a new reason which makes it unavoidable, ladies. 

The island now has a hotel just for women called Som Doma Hotel, which translates to "We are women", according to USA Today. This structure in white is a 39-room destination that doesn't allow men. It is limited to women aged 14 or above, according to the hotel's website. It's perfect for women looking to "disconnect from the stress of daily life that offers personalized care tailored to their needs." So, not only do you get respite from taking care of your partner and/or children constantly, but you also get treated like a queen.


Located near Porto Cristo, or Port of Christ, a small town on the Balearic island, the hotel is offering a "broad range of services and plans designed specifically for a feminine audience that will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience."


Among the services, there is a beach-style outdoor pool, "wellness area, free WiFi, comfortable rooms, a bar lounge and a unique atmosphere designed for women." The hotel, which opened only on June 14, has managed to garner a lot of interest because of its policy. Each room in the hotel has a queen bed and has in-room tea and coffee, complimentary minibar, and private bathrooms.


You can taste local cuisine from their "flexitarian" restaurant or just order up a cocktail of your choice at the lounge bar. They also offer "outings designed for women" and has live music, a solarium, a library and more.


So, all those ladies who want to travel only with their female friends, this is the perfect spot to holiday in peace. According to the Independent, Joan Enric Capella, president of Som Hotels, realized that more and more women were opting for traveling alone or in same-sex groups and there was a gap in the market for them. 


In a women-only environment, women are going to feel safer when they just want to hang out with friends in peace and quiet. Instead of dealing with strange men cat-calling or catering to a male partner's needs, the focus here is yourself, provided you have come alone.


If you ever get bored of relaxing by the pool, the island has a lot to offer to travelers. If you want, you can do sightseeing in your own formula car around the island or take the vintage train across the town. And, the not to be missed feature of the island are the Caves of Drach and Genova. 


So, live out your Mediterranean dream vacation on this island with your girlfriends because why should boys have all the fun? 





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