Artist Captures 17 Everyday Struggles of Being a Woman and They're Hilarious

Artist Captures 17 Everyday Struggles of Being a Woman and They're Hilarious

Problems have no boundaries when it comes to age and this artist knows exactly how to sum up all those in a few panels.

Source: Instagram / Cassandra Calin

Being a woman is tough. When we were younger, we had to worry about grooming and outfits. As we got older, we had to worry about work, relationships, grooming, health issues and in some cases, children too. And just when we think one issue is solved, another one just pops out of nowhere. The only ones who understand our struggles are other women and this 21-year-old artist, Cassandra Calin, captures those struggles. Through her comics, she perfectly sums up those issues and no matter how old you are, you'll definitely relate to it.


1. Stress much?


This one never gets old. Having to deal with all those clogged drains and hairbrushes is just a pain now.

2. Time to get to work



Or maybe not... After all, who said procrastination was technically a "bad thing."

3. You're finally relaxed and energized


And... it's over. It's back to the grind. It's like they were lying in wait.


4. To bra...


Or not to bra. Also, they say to let your hair down but I say, let your tummy out.

5. Younger you: Spot on the body? Nothing a little make-up can't fix




Older you: Spot on your body? Death.

6. Running used to be easier


Until age caught up and was casually waving as we slowly ran out of breath.

7. So maybe there are some other options



That no one ever needs to know about.

8. Eating problems we'll never be able to escape


Ever. The worst part... it's a vicious cycle of overthinking.

9. Those weeks of being healthy...



Just went down the drain and the bloating went straight to the hips. 

10. A bit of a hairy situation


"Hair" me out... it's not as bad as it looks.

12. Just a little more...



Well, maybe the raccoon look is in style.

13. All you needed was one nice picture


Sigh. Why does it never turn out the way you want it to?

14. A typical morning


It's a journey to the center of your closet. A journey where return may not be guaranteed.

15. Boobs: A love-hate relationship


Of all the places on our body to sweat, why does it have to be in one of the most uncomfortable areas? All of those t-shirts and dresses ruined because of it.

16. Winter days


Nothing like letting your true grizzly shine and sinking into the couch.

17. Wouldn't we all like this?


Happy International Women's Day ladies!



Cover Image Source: Instagram / Cassandra Calin