Women Share Stories of How Strangers Stepped In to Save Them When They Were Being Stalked By Creepy Men

Women Share Stories of How Strangers Stepped In to Save Them When They Were Being Stalked By Creepy Men

A Twitter user reminded her followers of the unspoken "Girl Code" to help a girl/woman who could potentially be in danger.

Women's safety has always been a topic of discussion that peaks only when there is a public outcry as in the case of the death of Sarah Everard. But women continue to be harassed, stalked, and attacked even as formulating a solution sees no end in sight. Women are twice as likely to be stalked and about one in every six women has experienced stalking in her lifetime, as per the Office of Women's Health. Women have been left to fend for themselves and have come up with many ways to evade danger. Self-defense and confrontation may not be an option for most women who have to find trickier alternatives.


“We are looking at a situation where younger women are constantly modifying their behavior in an attempt to avoid being objectified or attacked, and older women are reporting serious concerns about personal safety if they ever leave the house in the dark – even during the daytime in winter,” Claire Barnett, executive director of UN Women UK told The Guardian. A Twitter user appealed to people to be there for women who may be in danger. The user wrote, "If a girl suddenly acts as if she knows you in public and acts like you’re friends, go along w it she could be in danger." This has been an unspoken "Girl Code" to help a sister in need. Her tweet received many responses of women sharing instances where they helped or were helped by someone in danger.














Globally, one in three women has been subject to physical violence, as per WHO. While most of this violence is by an intimate partner, there are other ways in which women are vulnerable to being attacked. UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated, “Twenty-five years since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, progress towards equal power and equal rights for women remains elusive. No country has achieved gender equality, and the COVID-19 crisis threatens to erode the limited gains that have been made. The Decade of Action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and efforts to recover better from the pandemic offer a chance to transform the lives of women and girls, today and tomorrow.”
















Have you ever had such an experience?





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