You'll Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home and You'll Know What True Happiness Is

You'll Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home and You'll Know What True Happiness Is

The one you're looking for will appear when you least expect it. Once you meet, you'll realize that every relationship you've had was preparing you for this moment.

The long nights you spend in praying for that one person who will rescue you from your loneliness often end in tears or defeat. You may even endure people who aren't right for you just because you're sick of being alone and unloved. But there's hope.

Somewhere out there is someone who is just right for you. And you'll know it the moment you meet them. Without exchanging any words, you'll look into their eyes and realize that after all these years of searching and longing, you've finally come home.

And they'll feel like home because they bring you a sense of safety and security. No one has been able to make you feel that way, except perhaps when you were a kid. Everything about them feels so right, you'll realize you were a fool for ever thinking the relationships you had in the past came even remotely close to the true love this person brings. You're effortlessly comfortable in each other's company, and the conversation flows naturally because you both realize that you've finally found what you're looking for. And nothing can take that away from you.


When you finally meet the person you've been waiting for all your life, you'll trust each other more deeply than you trusted the ones who came before. You'll find all the walls you built around yourself stripped away and your inner soul laid bare for your partner to see, to feel, to explore intimately, tenderly. You won't need walls around this person because they are the shelter you have been seeking all your life; they are the four walls within which your weary heart can find peace, comfort, and rest. You are loved for who you are, and nothing you say or do can threaten the love that exists between the two of you.

A person who feels like home will make you feel safe even in your most vulnerable moments. You won't be afraid to express your deepest fears and anxieties to them, your past traumas will come tumbling out. And you'll find healing in the way they treasure every painful memory you share, in the way they comfort you and acknowledge the wounds you've been hiding for so long. They offer you the empathy, understanding, kindness, and warmth that you've been seeking all your life, and you'll realize how blessed you are to have found someone who heals you.

The peace that comes from being in their reassuring presence feels like a balm to your aching soul. The struggle of life will feel less burdensome when you know that they're by your side to support you and love you through it all. You'll feel a calmness spread through your mind and your soul as you take refuge in the fact that you're not alone in this world. You'll be amazed at the way life has led you to this point, through all the trials and tribulations you faced, all the toxic people you encountered, and all the failures and defeats you faced. After all the pain, you can breathe a sigh of relief and replace the worries in your mind with hope.


And a person who feels like home will give you hope. You'll have something to look forward to in your future because now you know they'll always be there to guide you through it. You'll gush about your dreams, ambitions, and aspirations to them, and they'll find a way to help you reach for them and achieve them. They'll treasure every one of your successes and accomplishments as if they were their own, and success will taste all the more sweet for having this person to share it with. An optimistic outlook will come more naturally to you because you have a reason to be positive about what the future might bring.

Your connection will extend both ways. You'll understand each other on such an intimate level that just gazing into each other's eyes can reveal everything you want each other to know. You'll enjoy a relationship built on honesty and integrity. You'll be a shoulder to cry on when storms assail your partner, a reassuring voice that turns failures into opportunities, and a comforting presence in times of grief. From the moment you meet, nothing will be the same, and yet, everything will be perfect.

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