Young Dancer Advises People to Speak to Someone "You Trust" After She Jumped From 8th Floor to Escape Abusive Boyfriend

Young Dancer Advises People to Speak to Someone "You Trust" After She Jumped From 8th Floor to Escape Abusive Boyfriend

Her fall left her with a broken back, neck, legs, and arms. There are chances that she wouldn't be able to walk ever again.

Sometimes we could be wrong about someone even though we might know them for years. While some could turn out to be the better versions of themselves, the others might be the reason for the end of your life.

Humans cannot be judged in the first meeting. A lot of times, we tend to ignore the problematic behaviors of our partners dismissing them as something you can survive with. But those little things can change to controlling actions which are later very hard to run from. This is exactly what happened to a young and talented dancer who after finding no other option, jumped from her balcony to save her own life, reported The Sun.

The 22-year-old talented woman was left with a broken neck and back as she hurled herself from the eighth-floor balcony of her apartment in Melbourne's CBD to escape from her abusive boyfriend. Before jumping on the morning of July 17, Georgia Brodrick had called her father, pleading him to come and rescue her from the traps of her beastly boyfriend, but he got too late.


It's hard to imagine what would have been Georgia's thoughts when she took the decision to jump from such a height. One thing is for sure that her fear of her boyfriend was greater than the fear of height or death which is why waiting for her dad didn't seem like an option to her.

She was so terrified of the man who was ideally supposed to take care of her that she jumped and smashed into a fence. The injuries were so grave that the impact made her body lifeless and she got flung into a ditch. When she was rushed to the Alfred Hospital, the doctors didn't have much hope for her survival and said that she had ten percent chances of living.

Emergency surgery was performed on her and she was put into an induced coma. She also broke her neck, back, and leg due to the jump, and her arm was partially amputated. After being unconscious for seven days, Georgia says that she feels better as she's no longer in pain. She has blocked all her memories before the fatal fall.


Georgia spent three weeks in the trauma ward and was fed through a tube. Her future was once bright with the spotlight shining down on her, but now it's in shadows as she's in a wheelchair with a chance that she might never be able to walk again, let alone dance.

"All the doctors believed that it was a miracle that I survived without any brain damage," said the braveheart while talking to The Daily Mail Australia. She revealed that on the morning of July 17, the pair had been arguing because Georgia found out that her abusive boyfriend was cheating on her.

The young woman then divulged that she never noticed or realized how controlling and manipulative her partner was until this incident. She said, "If I tried to leave him he would sit at the front door and wouldn’t let me out of the apartment." Talking about how her family knew about the toxic relationship she was a part of, she said, "My family tried to warn me because they could see through his manipulation, so he constantly put them down and blamed them for my insecurities."

Explaining how manipulative her boyfriend was, she said, "He made me feel like he was the only person who truly loved me... I am safe with my family and am getting the help I need." After everything, Georgia feels that she finally got her freedom and doesn't feel "controlled" anymore. She's also glad that she survived the jump and looks towards a positive future.


During the state of induced coma, her friends set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her surgeries. The page read, "She has had a lot of surgeries but she will still have a massive recovery ahead. There is going to be a lot of cost to get our girl back on her feet as she may never be able to walk properly again." It also said that the money raised would be used for her "Dialectical behavior therapy as well as rehab and other treatments along the way."

Georgia believes and hopes to walk again by Christmas but is doubtful if she'll ever get back the function of her left arm. She said, "At the moment I can only wiggle my fingers a tiny bit."

Source: GoFundMe.com

Having gone through such a painful situation, Georgia advises everyone who has endured or is enduring the physical and mental pain of being in an abusive relationship to seek help as soon as possible. She said, "Please speak to a family member or a close friend that you trust, ask them for help and organize a plan to get out of the dangerous situation."




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