Fun Test: Your Favorite Footwear Choice Reveals Your Personality and How You Face Challenges in Life

Fun Test: Your Favorite Footwear Choice Reveals Your Personality and How You Face Challenges in Life

The footwear we like gives away who we are as people and the way we approach life.


The choices that we make, whether it is the clothes that we wear or the people who we interact with, speak volumes about us. Similarly, the footwear that we prefer can also give clues as to how we approach life. Here are some common footwear choices and the meaning behind each one of them:

1. Running shoes

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Those who love a pair of comfortable running shoes compared to all the different styles of footwear are those that are ready always and set to face anything that comes their way. Kathy Kelada, stylist, life coach and author of Be the Shoe, refers to this group as "very confident, very goal-oriented, and very organized," according to Readers Digest. They will never let their dear ones down and take the reins whenever required.


2. Stilettos

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This kind of person is capable of finding beauty in chaos. No matter how bleak the situations around them look, they alter it all with their sheer positivity and optimism. "This is someone who says 'yes before she says 'no.' She’s very willing and very open to possibilities," said Kelada. "She also really loves and values beauty, so she surrounds herself with beauty, whether it be in things, people, or how she lives. It doesn’t always have to be expensive, it just has to be pleasing to the eye. You walk in and go, ‘oh what a lovely room’ or ‘this is so inviting.’ She has a knack for being able to create an aesthetically pleasing space.”


3. Flip-flops

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These people are not troubled in times of painful challenges. They keep their heads straight and laugh at the bullets coming their way. “The flip-flop person is ready for anything, very easygoing, and unconventional. They’re someone who is spontaneous and willing to go with whatever is happening in the moment, without regard to the ‘appropriate thing,’ the norm, or what’s expected of them," said Kelada. 


4. Wedges

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Those that choose wedges are calm and composed in the face of adversity. They do not allow pressure to distract them. Instead, they use logic and social skills to find a solution. “The wedge is willful, has a strong sense of self, and is very outgoing,” said Kelada.


5. Sneakers

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These people are bursting with energy and ideas. "The sneaker is very versatile—a very open person willing to explore a lot of options and different ideas. They’re energetic and ageless; they’re really not young or old." Being a jovial and genial person, they have so many people to get them through challenging phases. Because of the way they treasure their relationships, they have so many people by their side in their bad times.


6. Pumps

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Nothing can come in their way and they are the epitome of fearlessness and maturity. Instead of being emotional, they take control of the situation and try to be as pragmatic as possible. “This is the most mature of all the shoes. It’s someone who’s caring, efficient, and powerful. They are usually in a leadership role. When everything is falling down around you, everyone will turn to the pump woman and say ‘What now?’ and then the pump will step in and kick ass and take care of business," said Kelada.


7. Flats 

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A person who prefers flats likes to remain behind the scenes. When they are faced with difficult times, they require a strong companion by their side to help them get through it. However, it does not mean they are weak. They are focused and willing to put in the work required but they hate the attention.



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