If Your Husband Blames You for the Way You Look And Wants You To Change It, He’s Not the Man for You

If Your Husband Blames You for the Way You Look And Wants You To Change It, He’s Not the Man for You

You need someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself, instead of pointing out your flaws.

It is not easy to fulfill everyone's expectations, especially for a woman. A woman's looks and body are heavily scrutinized by everyone. She is expected to fit the norms of an ideal body type. But even if a woman succeeds in achieving these ideals, there is every chance that there will be someone who will be left less or not pleased at all.

It's the absolute worst to go to a family gathering when you're not tall, thin, or talented. If you're insecure about what you think are your flaws, then those people will feed on it like vultures on a carcass. It's like they get some joy, seeing you flustered and upset. These sneers and snides will stick with you all through your life, and it is very hard to let them go. 

Because of all this, the journey to self-acceptance is a long and tedious one. However, if you have someone on your side reminding you that you're perfect just the way you are, this journey becomes less arduous.



For a lot of us, that person is our partner, but there are women who suffer, even in their own homes, because their partners keep reminding them how they're just not good enough. If your husband is someone who keeps telling you that you need to work on improving yourself physically, instead of accepting you, just the way you are, then it's time to drop him from your life. 

See, it's one thing to stay fit, it's essential. If you and your husband hit the gym or go to a class to burn some calories, then that's absolutely okay, but if your husband pushes you to take extreme steps, like work out every single day and watch what you eat, then I'm sorry, that man has no place in your life. 



Yes, I understand that we count on our husbands to validate us, to tell us that we look stunning in that outfit we're too hesitant to wear or to shower us with compliments. This need is because we've been shamed so much growing up that it's so hard to be confident in our own skin. But, it doesn't always have to be that way. 

Your confidence is something you can slowly work on, and it only gets better if you have a very supportive husband, because woman, you deserve to be loved and cuddled, irrespective of your size or the clothes you wear. 

As women, there's so much we're capable of, and it has nothing to do with our size. Just remember, you deserve to be with someone who loves you just the way you are!



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