Relationship Test: How Your Partner Kisses You Often Says a Lot About the Relationship

Relationship Test: How Your Partner Kisses You Often Says a Lot About the Relationship

His body language can tell you a lot about his feelings for you and kisses are the most intimate kind of body language that exists.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on October 30, 2020. It has since been updated.

Everybody's relationship is unique and so is the way we express our love towards each other. Somebody loves to hug more while others kiss more. However, if you don't indulge in much physical affection, it might be time to inspect why that is so. Keeping the love alive needs work and including small bedtime or morning rituals in your life as a couple can help light the fire of passion again. 

The feeling of wrapping your arms around your beloved, pulling them close to you, and brushing your lips lightly against theirs while they least expect it can be heavenly for many. You catch your partner unawares in the morning and leave them with a sweet surprise that will have them thinking of you all day. This is only one way to spruce up both your and your partner's day. But, are you one of those couples who just lightly gives a kiss on the forehead or cheek of your partner before heading out the door in the morning? The way your partner kisses you often says a lot about your relationship. 

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Here are four classic kissing styles that will give an insight into your relationship: 

1. Kiss on the cheek 

A kiss on the cheek conveys your fondness for someone. It doesn't convey passion but affection. The gentle kiss on the cheek is more about friendship and camaraderie. The person kissing the other might have romantic feelings for them, but is also letting them know that the moment is a lighthearted one. Not one of passion. When your partner kisses you on the cheek more often, they are telling you that your friendship and partnership still exists, according to Littlethings.com. Maintaining friendship is as important in a relationship as passion. 

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2. Kiss on the forehead 

The forehead kiss is a show of affection as well but the man is also showing you that he's protective of you. “While the lip kiss indicates sexual attraction, the forehead kiss tells a more meaningful story about the emotional closeness of the relationship,” explains  Laurel Steinberg, PhD, clinical sexologist and relationship therapist, to Cosmopolitan. It shows strong emotional intimacy, she says. 

Your partner is kissing your soul, your ideas, and thoughts. They are acknowledging all of you and telling you that they are here with you, they see you as you are. "A forehead kiss indicates that you aren’t just seen as a sex object,” says Steinberg. The therapist also said that our partners show gestures they want to receive as well. So, the next time he gives you a kiss on the forehead surprise him by returning the gesture. 

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3. Kiss on the lips 

A gentle kiss on the lips is one of passion and a preamble to more. If they kiss you more often on the lips, they have intense feelings for you that they are not able to share in words. The peck or the close-mouthed kiss is a way to keep reminding both of you that you are not just partners but lovers too. It's a way of saying that he is still interested in you. A short kiss is a tentative one to gauge your mood while a longer one is a testament to his devotion to you. It's a declaration of intimacy between you. He wants to show you that he is completely crazy about you and is asking you to join him in the celebration of your physical love. 

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4. Kissing with tongue (aka French kiss)

Just like the film eponymously named, the French kiss is all about passion. He wants you to know that he can't keep his distance from you. The open-mouthed kiss with the tongue is erotic, according to Cosmopolitan. He wants to ignite passion in your relationship and wants to feel a deeper connection with you. It shows that both of you are interested in each other and enjoy the physical relationship. It shows that he wants to keep the spark alive between you even after all the years of being together. 

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