Zipline Employee Sacrifices His Own Life to Save a Woman | He Knew the Harness Wouldn’t Take Both Their Weights

Zipline Employee Sacrifices His Own Life to Save a Woman | He Knew the Harness Wouldn’t Take Both Their Weights

Romero fell about 70 feet once he let go of the harness; he died two days later.

Joaquin Romero, a 34-year-old zipline worker from Southern California was working on the receiving platform of a zip line on the La Jolla Indian Reservation in Pauma Valley on October 30, 2021. While he was on duty, he ran into a small issue while assisting a woman on the zipline. Somehow, she began sliding down the line, and Romero, in a bid to save the woman, grabbed her harness to keep her from sliding, a witness told Fox5 San Diego

Unfortunately, he couldn't pull her to safety, and he also got dragged down with her, and they both dangled dozens of feet above the ground, per PEOPLE. Since he knew how the zipline functioned, he was sure it wouldn't support both their weights. So, he decided to let go of the harness, just so he could save the woman's life. Romero fell about 70 feet, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

"Paramedics transported [Romero] to the Sharp Memorial Hospital Emergency Department (ED) via helicopter," the coroner said in a report. "He arrived pulseless and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was initiated."



"Following admission, [Romero] was diagnosed with multiple blunt force injuries," the report continued. "The decedent was given a poor prognosis and family decided to place him on comfort care measures which were administered until his death was pronounced on 11/01/2021."

Meanwhile, Normal Contreras, tribal chairwoman with the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians said that the tribe has extended their "sincere condolences to our employee and his family for their loss."

"Like any employer, we pride ourselves on having a safe working environment and a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers," she told the outlet. "Given the circumstances of the accident, the Tribe is conducting an in-depth and comprehensive investigation, in coordination and cooperation with federal and state authorities."



"Until this investigation is completed, we won't be able to provide any further comment on this incident. We ask that you join us in keeping our employee and his family in our prayers," she continued.

Following his tragic death, Romero's family has launched a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of his funeral, with whatever is left going into a savings account for his child. "As many have heard my brother was recently taken from us tragically in a work accident. We are for asking donations for his funeral services and whatever is extra will go into a savings account for his child which he left behind thank you all for your support your kind words are truly appreciated," his brother Antonio Romero shared. 



Romero died a hero, and there are no two ways about it. 





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