The 9 Zodiac Pairings Who Are Most Compatible With Each Other in Bed

The 9 Zodiac Pairings Who Are Most Compatible With Each Other in Bed

As per astrology, it's not just the physical traits that contribute to compatibility in bed; personality factors play a big role too.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 20, 2020. It has since been updated.

You might come across someone who you are very attracted to, have a great emotional connection with, but the physical intimacy may not match up to it. Actually, it's not just physical traits that determine your compatibility in bed with someone but also personality traits like being adventurous, wise, patient, etc., can have a say in that. Astrologer A. M. Penn, tells Bustle, "Having your Sun in the same element as your partner’s Sun ensures that your sense of selves will function in a very similar way." She adds, "Fire signs will be very spirited, air signs are analytical, water signs are emotional, and earth signs are practical and materially-driven." While these elements might not have a direct association with one's desires, they could influence people's personalities making them more compatible with one person than the others.

Therefore, here are 9 zodiac pairings who are the most physically compatible with each other in bed.

1. Taurus and Cancer

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Many might agree that when you feel safe with your partner you become more comfortable in opening up about your desires. Taurus Earth sign and water sign Cancer go well together in this aspect. Taurus is a sensual lover and Cancer is sensitive and emotional which makes them a good match in this regard. "[They] are very compatible sexually since their sexual enjoyment depends on feeling secure with each other," Lisa Barretta, astrologer, and author of the book Conscious Ink tells Bustle. Couples of other zodiac signs may enjoy a rough experience but both Taurus and Cancer appreciate and desire a gentler approach.

2. Aries and Aquarius

"Both of these signs are able to enjoy sex for sex's sake and not demand too much emotionally from each other," Barretta says. Additionally, both these signs are ready for some experimentation in the bedroom which might work for many couples as they get to know what works for them. "Aries is impulsive and is willing to try anything new sexually that Aquarius dreams up," she adds. For a couple to try new things it is important that they are comfortable with each other and are on the same page. Aries and Aquarius bond well in this aspect.

3. Leo and Libra

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These two zodiac signs are practically made for each other in bed. Leo is a dominant sign and is also physically active, while Libra, on the other hand, likes attention in bed. Libra is a sign which is governed by Venus so they have an undying pull towards affectionate lovemaking. Librans also enjoy compliments and emotional words in which no sign could trump Leo. Therefore, Leo and Libra could be two zodiac signs who are perfectly compatible with each other in bed.

4. Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio and Cancer are probably the most compatible with each other. Apart from being water elements, they also share the same energies. Scorpio is ruled by Mars which is the planet of sexual desire and Cancer is ruled by the moon which is related to emotions and sensitivity. Therefore, Cancer and a Scorpio could make a super sexy couple, so compatible that they might find other partners a letdown.

5. Gemini and Libra

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Both Gemini and Libra are intellectual and creative souls. They are, in fact, capable of forging a meaningful relationship other than the physically intimate one. Both of them could enjoy solitary moments of free-flowing and meaningful communication. Libra is the fifth star sign from Gemini, which is regarded as creative, romantic and even sexually positive positioned, states Astrology.com.au. You both share a mutual affection for one another which drives you to have a rather active love life. You might also find yourselves being pulled towards each other more often than not.

6. Pisces and Scorpio

These two water signs share a strong karmic connection with each other which is a rare feat. Water signs are sensitive, caring, and tender, which means you both understand each other's nature and needs better than others. In bed, you tend to understand each other's intuitions and know how to touch each other's body, mind, and soul. Also, you don't have to explain your deeper emotions and desires to your partner; they are mentally equipped enough to understand them from your behavior and body language.

7. Libra and Aquarius

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Besides being an air sign which makes you compatible with other air signs, Libra is also a flirt at heart and Aquarius, also an air sign, is known to enjoy a good play of words and emotions. You like to tease each other and also complement each other for some of your shared qualities. Your innate free-spiritedness and passion for common causes could make you drawn to one another which might lead to steamy chemistry between you two.

8. Virgo and Aquarius

For a moment, this might seem like a peculiar match because earth sign Virgo is known to be analytical and organized whereas Aquarius is known for effervescence. But the catch is that though Virgo likes to be precise and proper, you also feel this undying need to break all bounds and be free and who better to do the honors than Aquarius. In an intimate relationship, Aquarius can help you explore yourself in a way that you always wanted to but could never find the right one to help you. You, on the other hand, could help Aquarius catch their breath and feel the small but meaningful in-between moments. When you understand each other's differences and want to turn them to positive emotions, a special bond could be forged.

9. Sagittarius and Aquarius

The passionate Sagittarius needs someone who will excite them and keep them guessing, and that's where the inventive Aquarius steps in. Creative and always up for adventure, Aquarius is sure to come up with new and fun ideas to keep the fire burning in the bedroom, and Sagittarius is only too enthusiastic to go along on the ride.