5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Lucky in Love in February 2021

5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Lucky in Love in February 2021

Love is in the air this February but more so for some people than others. Are you one of the lucky ones?

Most of us likely imagined February to be full of love but, we have to break it to you, only some of us might have an extra special romantic month. February is always a good time to find love or celebrate the love we have in our lives but this month might be chaotic for many people. The Mercury retrograde that began in January will still have an effect well into February making it a month full of contrary thinking.

Most of us might have a busy time this month but right at the start of the month, Venus, the planet of love and friendship, entered Aquarius, as per StyleCaster. This means that it's the time to celebrate platonic friendships and like-minded people. After all, love is not limited to a romantic partner alone. We can give back to the community during this time and keep our friends close.

However, some of us lucky ones will be able to have some wonderful romantic time, and singles might even find love. Here are the five zodiac signs that are going to get lucky in love in February:

1. Taurus 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Dear Taurus, this year will be a year of joy for you. And, February will bring fun and love. You will likely find love in a friend, new or old. Keep your eyes open for this transformation in your personal life. This is the right time to explore options when it comes to the opposite sex. You don't have to settle down with the first person who comes around, and you can take your time to find the perfect person with whom you share the same values. This romantic period might get carried forward to March and April for you.

2. Gemini

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Dear Gemini, you are not someone who falls in love easily. You probably prefer getting to know someone carefully before taking the plunge. However, February will bring you someone with whom you will see a future. If you are single, you might meet someone in an unexpected place. You will be pushed to see everything in a brand-new light and that could also mean looking at people, who are already part of your life, in a new way. Those already in a committed relationship might realize this year that they have found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

3. Virgo 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

February 2021 will bring you warmth, joy, and laughter, dear Virgo. You are someone who aims for success, no matter how long it takes you, and this month is likely going to be part of your journey towards personal success. There are chances that you meet someone incredible who will shine a light on you. Things might turn into a whirlwind nature, which will be unlike you. If you are already in a committed relationship, it could be that this month is the time to make plans to expand the family. You won't feel lonely this month with all the love around you.

4. Scorpio 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Dear Scorpio, most people around you likely know how intense you can be. Not everyone knows how to handle all of you and so, when you meet someone new in February, they will be the right fit. You can be reticent but it will help to make an effort to open up to people around you in 2021. While you are someone who can see through people and understand them easily, it is advisable that you spend quality time and acknowledge your partner's love. They may not know that you understand them as well as you do unless you put it into words and actions.

5. Aquarius

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Dear Aquarius, it is your time to shine, and those around you will be attracted to your energy. There might be a lot on your mind, but it is your intellect that helps you meet someone like-minded. You might prefer your relationships to be like fine wine and likely love to mull over the pros and cons before committing yourself to someone. However, you might find someone who will make you want to take the plunge because you trust them so much. Sometimes, it's okay to throw caution to the wind to embrace your spontaneous side.



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